What Is UP Govt’s Rabi Campaign Which Will Help Boost Production Of Food Grains & Oilseeds?

by Shreya Rathod
What Is UP Govt’s Rabi Campaign Which Will Help Boost Production Of Food Grains & Oilseeds?

India is an agricultural country and contributes a significant figure to the country’s GDP. However, farmers across the country have faced challenges, including water shortage, loss of soil fertility and more. In order to boost the production of food grains and oilseeds, the UP government has set a plan called the ‘Rabi Campaign’.

What Is ‘Rabi Campaign’ By The UP Government?

rabi campaign up government
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Farmers across the state need a plan to boost their production. In order to meet their needs, the Uttar Pradesh government has devised a plan called the ‘Rabi Campaign’ which will produce more food grains and oilseeds. 

For food grains and oilseed crops, the state government has set a production goal of 448.66 metric tonnes, above the production of 427.83 metric tonnes in 2022–2033. The government of Uttar Pradesh has also decided to send farmers, scientists, and officials from other districts on field trips to the forward-thinking farmers in the districts with the highest productivity as well as for the training of other farmers. 

The government has set a goal for Rabi Campaign 2023 to cover 134.85 lakh hectares and produce 448.66 lakh metric tonnes of food grains and oilseeds.

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Strategy Of The Plan

rabi campaign up government
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There has been an emphasis on timely sowing the Rabi crop seeds. In fact, a detailed crop-wise production has been established. It includes barley (6.13 lakh metric tonnes), wheat (97.80 lakh metric tonnes), peas (8 lakh metric tonnes), lentils (6.69 lakh metric tonnes) gram (9.71 lakh metric tonnes) and mustard (19.50 lakh metric tonnes).

In short, they are aiming to produce 19.90 lakh metric tonnes of oilseeds and food grains for a total of 428.77 lakh metric tonnes. This will help in achieving the 448.66 lakh metric tonnes target of Rabi crops. 

The government strategy for Rabi Campaign 2023 includes: 

  • Timely Arrangements For Agricultural Investments
  • Adopting Cluster-based Approach
  • Implementing Cropping System-Centric Intervention
  • Raising Crop Density
  • Increasing Seed And Species Replacement Rates
  • Enhancing Efficient Use Of Water
  • Increasing Nutrition Of Crops

Across various districts, there were substantial differences in the area covered, total yield, and productivity of important Rabi crops. 

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According to crop data, places like Shamli, Jaunpur, Sultanpur, Mathura and Firozabad have contributed to the highest output.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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