What To Do If You Are In Paris Or A City Hotel In UK Where Bedbugs Are Present?

by Mallika Khurana
What To Do If You Are In Paris Or A City Hotel In UK Where Bedbugs Are Present?

Picture this: You’ve been eagerly planning your dream vacation to Paris or a charming city hotel in the UK. But as you settle into your hotel room, you notice something unsettling—itchy bites in clusters—an uncomfortable reminder that you might not be the sole occupant of your cosy haven. In recent times, reports of bedbug infestations have turned into a global concern. The question on travellers’ minds is, “What do you do if you encounter bedbugs during your stay in the City of Light or any other destination?”

Bedbugs Strick In Paris And The UK

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Reports from Paris and France, in general, suggest a growing infestation of bedbugs. These pests have become increasingly resistant to insecticides, making it challenging to eradicate them. Given that Paris is one of the world’s most visited cities, the likelihood of encountering bedbugs during a stay has increased.

However, bedbug encounters are not merely a hypothetical concern. As per the reports from The Independent, a traveller recently shared her experience of a painful encounter with bed bugs. She had an allergic reaction to it and it took her weeks to recover from the scars. Yes, this particular incident occurred in London, not Paris.

The US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) highlight that bedbugs, a global problem, are experiencing a resurgence. Consequently, some prospective visitors are seeking to cancel their trips and get their money back, and there are concerns about the problem getting worse ahead of the Paris Olympics next summer.

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Here’s How To Tackle The Situation

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Here’s how to navigate the world of travel without letting bedbugs take a bite:

1. Inspect Your Room

Upon entering your hotel room, carefully inspect the bedding, mattress, and nearby furniture for any signs of bedbugs.

2. Document Evidence

If you discover any evidence of bedbugs, take clear photos or videos to document the infestation. 

3. Inform Hotel Staff

Notify the hotel staff immediately about your findings and make sure they take strict action.

4. Request Solutions

Depending on the severity of the infestation and the hotel’s policies, you can request a refund, a room change, or even relocation to another hotel within the same chain.

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5. Check Online Reviews

Before booking your accommodation, research online reviews to see if other guests have reported bedbug issues. 

6. Monitor Bite Reactions

If you do get bitten, remember that, unlike mosquitoes, bedbugs do not transmit diseases. Unless there is a rare case of allergic reaction, the bites heal within a week.

7. Prevent Bringing Bedbugs Home

To prevent carrying bedbugs back home with you, use hard-shell luggage, which is less likely to harbour insects. When you return from your trip, inspect your luggage, clothing, and personal items meticulously.

It’s essential to remain calm and take the necessary steps to address the situation promptly. 

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