What’s The Difference Between Dumplings, Dim Sums And Momos? Here’s A Guide

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
What’s The Difference Between Dumplings, Dim Sums And Momos? Here’s A Guide

Be Honest! Do you get confused every time someone talks about Dumplings, Momos and Dim Sums? Have you too thought of all of these to be the same thing once? Don’t get conscious. I too used to get a lot confused between all these names and also many more similar ones. Let me help you in knowing the difference between them all.

1. Dumplings

We all must have come across a variety of dumplings when we visit restaurants. There are chicken dumplings, pork dumplings, fish dumplings and vegetarian dumplings too. The dumplings are further divided into steamed, fried, pan-fried and boiled. Dumplings are pieces of dough that are wrapped around a filling. They are generally wheat based with filling and sometimes also without filling too!

Pic Credits: Trip advisor

2. Momos

All those people who think Momos are Chinese. Here is a myth debunking news. Momos are Tibetan or Nepalese special food. They do not come under fine dining and are a regular everyday delicacy, originally steamed. They too like dumplings are doughs wrapped around fillings but the difference is that they are generally bite-sized. Another difference is that momos are always stuffed and unlike dumplings don’t come without any filling.

Pic Credits : NYT Cooking

3. Dim Sum

Dim Sum means ‘touches the heart’ and is never served alone. Dimsums always are accompanied by a beverage like tea. They too are fillings wrapped in the dough but the outer covering is generally semi-transparent or fully transparent. The filling is always diced or chopped finely and also come in sweet variants. Dim Sum falls more under the exquisite affair of fine dining instead of being a regular thing like momos. The flour of the dough can be any like rice, wheat or even potato starch.

Pic Credits : Eat Smarter

How relieving is it to finally know the difference, isn’t it?