While Bahrain Celebrates Independence Day In Dec; This Is When It Actually Gained Independence

by Deeplata Garde
While Bahrain Celebrates Independence Day In Dec; This Is When It Actually Gained Independence

Bahrain, the picturesque island nation nestled in the heart of the Arabian Gulf, comes alive every year to commemorate its Independence Day. Although the significant occasion is usually marked on 16th December, Bahrain broke free from British colonial rule on a different date. Not known to many, Bahrain actually gained freedom on 15th August 1971. But the celebrations are marked in December for another reason. Let’s find out all about the Independence of Bahrain.

Bahrain Gained Freedom On 15th August 1971

Bahrain Independence
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Bahrain emerged as a sovereign nation in 1971. Bahrain’s path to independence was a culmination of diplomatic negotiations, the aspirations of its people, and a growing sense of national identity. Under British protection for nearly a century, Bahrainis embarked on a journey towards self-governance that would reshape the destiny of their nation. On August 15, 1971, Bahrain officially gained its independence, becoming a symbol of sovereignty and resilience in the Arabian Gulf. The journey to independence was a combination of factors, including shifting global political dynamics and the desire of the people of Bahrain to establish their own sovereign state.

Bahrain celebrates its Independence Day on the 16th of December every year, to coincide with the succession of late emir (ruler) Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa to the throne. The celebration of Bahrain’s Independence Day is a vibrant blend of traditional customs, modern festivities, and a reflection of the nation’s rich history.

Here Are Five Facts Regarding Bahrain’s Independence

1. After gaining independence, Bahrain joined the United Nations as a full member on September 21, 1971.

2. Following independence, Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa became the first ruler of the independent Kingdom of Bahrain. He continued to lead the nation until his passing in 1999.

3. Post-independence, Bahrain focused on diversifying its economy and investing in various sectors, including finance, tourism, and industry.

4. Despite gaining independence, Bahrain maintained close diplomatic and economic ties with the United Kingdom and other nations.

5. Bahrain was under British protection as a part of the Trucial States, which were collectively known as the Trucial States of the Persian Gulf.

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How Is Bahrain’s Independence Day Celebrated Today?

Bahrain Independence
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Bahrain takes this opportunity to celebrate its rich cultural tapestry through exhibitions and heritage displays. Museums and cultural centres open their doors to visitors, offering insights into the nation’s history, traditions, and accomplishments. Overall, modern Bahrain seamlessly weaves contemporary elements into its Independence Day celebrations.

Fireworks light up the night sky, casting a colourful glow over the cityscape. Concerts featuring popular artists, cultural exhibitions, and also art installations add a touch of modernity to the festivities. It captures the spirit of a nation that embraces progress while honouring its roots. The heart of the celebrations is the grand parade that takes place in the capital city, Manama. The streets are adorned with the national flag, and people from all walks of life gather to witness the spectacle. Also, Bahrain’s military and security forces showcase their precision and discipline, reflecting the nation’s commitment to safeguarding its newfound freedom.

As the streets reverberate with the sounds of music, dance, and joy, the world witnesses Bahrain’s remarkable journey from the colonial era to a sovereign and dynamic nation on the global stage.

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