While The Worst Is Behind Today, Viral Video Of Green Dubai Skies Leaves Netizens Shocked!

Unprecedented rainfall turns Dubai skyline green.

by Deeplata Garde
While The Worst Is Behind Today, Viral Video Of Green Dubai Skies Leaves Netizens Shocked!

Dubai experienced an extraordinary weather phenomenon on April 16, with the heaviest rainfall in 75 years transforming the city into a waterlogged labyrinth. The unexpected deluge led to widespread disruption, including halted traffic, cancelled flights, and closed schools, marking a historic weather event for the region. And the latest development to surprise us was the Dubai sky turning green!

Social Media Buzzes With Green Sky Videos

As the rain battered the city, social media platforms buzzed with astonishing visuals, one of which captured the attention of many. Shared by an X user, a video showcasing the typically grey Dubai skyline enveloped in an eerie green hue circulated widely online. The 23-second clip, accompanied by the caption “Sky turns green In Dubai! Actual footage from the storm in #Dubai today,” garnered over 1.4 lakh views and nearly 700 likes within a day of its posting. Comments flooded in as viewers reacted to the unusual spectacle, reflecting a mix of surprise and curiosity.

The Science Behind The Green Sky

Contrary to popular belief, the phenomenon of the sky turning green during a storm is not an ominous sign of impending danger. According to experts, such as those at the National Weather Service office in Hastings, Nebraska, the occurrence is a result of light scattering by ice droplets in the cloud.

When the red light spread by the atmosphere glows the blue water/ice droplets in the cloud, they will appear to glow green, officials explained. This optical illusion is observed when storm clouds possess significant depth and water content, causing them to scatter blue light and create a distinct green tint in the sky.

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Dispelling Myths: No Connection To Tornadoes

Despite its striking appearance, the green sky phenomenon holds no correlation with tornado formation or severe weather events. While it may seem unnerving to witness such a spectacle amidst a storm, experts emphasize that it is simply a consequence of light interaction within the cloud structure, rather than a harbinger of impending catastrophe.

In conclusion, the recent episode of Dubai’s skyline turning green amidst heavy rainfall serves as a reminder of nature’s ability to surprise and intrigue. As social media continues to buzz with captivating visuals and curious inquiries, it’s essential to understand the scientific explanation behind such phenomena, dispelling myths and fostering a deeper appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

Cover Image Courtesy: Mister J. – مسٹر/X

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