Wiebe Walker Completes World Tour In An Electric Car After 3 Years

by Angel Srivastava
Wiebe Walker Completes World Tour In An Electric Car After 3 Years

Meet Wiebe Walker, the man who has made it his mission to spread the message about the usage of electric vehicles and propagate its benefits. In March 2016, Walker took off on an exceptional journey and left the Netherlands in his electric Volkswagen, nicknamed ‘The Blue Bandit’. His three-year tour has finally come to an end in New Zealand.

Image Credits: India Times

What Is It?

Since the past three years, Wiene Walker has been travelling around the world in his electronic car to prove the viability of his zero-emission vehicle. The total distance covered in the 3 years is 101,000 kms.

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Image Credits: Finder

Walker traveled through a total of 30 countries, including the countries in eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Iran, India, Australia, and finally ending his journey in New Zealand.

Image Credits: Bangkok Post

What’s In It?

While on-road, he also managed to run his blog, updating his followers and other travelers about his adventures on road. The idea behind this entire trip was to spread the word about how electric vehicles can help us to lead a 0-emission future. This was a purpose-driven adventure, where Walker’s aim was to ‘inspire, educate, and accelerate’ the transition towards a zero-carbon future.

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What’s More?

The most surprising part about the entire journey was that Walker did not carry any of his own money. While on the road, he was largely dependent on strangers for all kinds of support. He accepted help in the form of food, accommodation, and a charging point for his car. He also raised an amount of $22,618 (Almost 15 Lakhs) which was all spent on car repairs.

Image Credits: The Times

The traveler believes that this remarkable journey would not have been possible for him to execute without the help and support of his fellow travelers and the people that he came across while on road. All throughout his journey, he let other people decide the course of his journey, and once the word about his trip spread, help for him started pouring in from all different corners of the world.

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Image Credits: Gulf Today

While the auto industry has been making huge strides in order to bring electric vehicles to the forefront, many are still conflicted about the idea. Walker’s trip was simply to but all these conflicts to rest and we for one agree that electric vehicles are definitely worth a shot if they mean a promise of a safer future.