Wildfire In South Jersey Burning Since 12 Hrs Spreads Across 5 Acres; Cause Under Investigation

by Tooba Shaikh
Wildfire In South Jersey Burning Since 12 Hrs Spreads Across 5 Acres; Cause Under Investigation

On Sunday, the 20th of August, a wildfire began burning in the Wharton State Forest, South Jersey. It was first reported around 2:45 PM (EST). Since then the fire spread across five acres. The New Jersey Forest Fire Service is currently undertaking efforts to extinguish the blaze. The first tweet reporting the fire was made on their handle around 12 hours ago. Here are all the details we know about this wildfire so far.

Wildfire In South Jersey Burning Since 12 Hrs

This particular fire was first reported around 2:45 PM EST on the 20th of August. It was first reported by the Medford Firetower. A tweet which was posted 13 hours ago states that the report was triangulated with Apple Pie Hill Firetower.

The NJFFS is attempting to control the fire by improving containment lines and preparing to employ a backfiring operation by burning fuel ahead of the main body of fire. The NJFFS is the New Jersey Forest Fire Service.

As per the latest updates from the NJFFS’s handle on X, formerly Twitter, the fire, so far, has been contained by 5 per cent. The update also mentioned that no structures were under threat of destruction from the wildfire.

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No Casualties Reported So Far

Luckily, no casualties have been reported so far. The update also specified that no roads were closed due to the fire, indicating that it won’t pose a problem to the people nearby who want to travel by road. However, the NJFFS did issue an advisory asking people to avoid the area.

The fire is burning in the area of the former Atco Dragway. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Further, they also sent out a reminder that the fire zones are no-fly zones for drones.

A dangerous wildfire also blazed the Tenerife region of Spain. This wildfire forced thousands of people to flee. More than 12,000 people so far have been forced to evacuate the region. One of the worst-affected regions by wildfire is Spain.

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