Wine Lovers, Here’s How To Know If Your Wine Has Gone Bad & Store Them Right

While unopened wine can last for ages, unsealed wines have a shelf life and can go bad if not stored properly or consumed on time.

by Tashika Tyagi
Wine Lovers, Here’s How To Know If Your Wine Has Gone Bad & Store Them Right

Robert Louis Stevenson once said that wine is bottled poetry. And wine lovers across the globe can attest to this statement. With its fruity, spicy, and earthy notes, it is a classy beverage that never gets old! However, it is a common question by many if wine expires or not since we have grown up learning the older the wine the better! So, to answer all your wine-related queries – about expiration dates, spoilage, and storage – we have it all sorted here. Read on and learn all about your favourite drink.

Does Wine Have An Expiration Date? How To Know When It Goes Bad?

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First and foremost, wine does expire! Not because of an expiration date on the bottle but because it can go bad and get spoiled. This happens when an unsealed bottle of wine is kept around for a long period of time. There are a few varieties of vino that are meant for long periods of storage. Whereas most of them should be consumed young and early.

Now comes the big question – how to know if your wine has gone bad? You can make it out by its appearance, odour, or taste. If you see colour change, bubbles, or some cloudiness in your drink, then it’s time to bid it adieu. People often smell their vino before tasting it. This practice comes in handy to check whether it is spoiled or not. If you notice an acetic smell like vinegar, overly nutty, or stale and smokey smell, then know your wine is not fit to drink.

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Shelf Life – How Long Does Your Favourite Vino Actually Last?

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The shelf life of wine depends on several factors. Like, what’s its type, what variety of grape it is made from, what was the process of making, and even how it was stored to begin with. Simple wines tend to have a shorter shelf life. In comparison, the complex, vintage, and structured vino can be cellared for many years. However, once the bottle is opened, even the latter’s shelf life is limited.

For a general idea, port wines tend to last up to three weeks after opening; dessert one can last a week; red wines and rich whites usually last four to five days; while sparkling wines go bad within two days.

A Few Tips To Avoid Wine Spoilage & Improve Storage

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Fret not, we come bearing some tips that you can keep in mind to hold on to the flavour and aroma of your sealed wines. For starters, make sure you keep them in a dark, cool place. Direct light and UV rays can harshly affect the quality of your vino. So, you can either get an affordable cooler, or keep them in a cellar or cool basement.

Humidity is another key factor that can help retain your drink’s taste. The corks in wine bottles are porous and can dry out easily. This can lead to contamination and bacteria formation in the spirit. To prevent this, you can store the bottle in a humid setting and keep it sideways. This will keep the bottle’s cork moist and prevent any drying out.

In conclusion, while wines usually don’t come with an expiration date, they can go bad if not taken care of or left open for a long time.

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