Winter Is Here! Curl Up With A Cuppa These Unique Teas In India

by Shreya Rathod
Winter Is Here! Curl Up With A Cuppa These Unique Teas In India

The concept of tea in India is the influence of British colonisation. The tea culture grew with time and India’s chai became famous across the world. Every Indian household has its own version. Chai is the go-to drink served to guests. Chai is not just a beverage but an emotion that every Indian swears by. Here are different varieties of unique teas from various regions of India that you must try at least once.

7 Unique Teas From Indian Regions

1. Kashmiri Kahwa

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Often referred to as Mughal chai, Kahwa is a Kashmiri winter tea. The main ingredients of tea are spices like cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, and tea leaves, of course. These spices add the flavour and heat necessary to keep the body warm in the cold mountains of Kashmir. Walnuts or almonds are essential when drinking Kahwa.

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2. Gur-Gur Chai

gur-gur chai
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Gur-Gur chai, also known as butter tea, is a staple in Tibetan culture. Ladakh is influenced by Tibetan culture. Hence, gur-gur chai is a popular beverage in Ladakh. The name itself suggests the main ingredient is butter. Traditionally, butter made of yak milk is preferred, but cow milk butter has replaced the authentic ingredient of this recipe.

3. Masala Chai

masala chai
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Masala chai is a household favourite. The use of different spices and herbs like ginger, cardamom, lemon grass, and star anise gives this masala chai its unique taste. Consumed largely in the Indian subcontinent, this chai is the simplest to make.

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4. Noon Chai

noon chai
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Noon Chai or pink tea is another Kashmir speciality. The uniqueness of this tea is the salted flavour. Hence, Namkeen Chai is another name for it. Noon chai is a very comforting drink and you must try it on your next visit to Kashmir.

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5. Gud ki Chai

gud ki chai
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Gud ki chai is similar to masala chai except for the addition of jaggery. Jaggery is a healthy alternative to sugar and is good for keeping your body warm in the cold winters. This chai keeps the flu at bay and is a great winter tea.

6. Sulaimani Chai

sulaimani chai
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Sulaimani chai is a Malabar speciality from Kerala. Brewed with black tea and spices, Sulaimani chai is an integral part of the Mappila Community of Kerala. It is a lighter version of the full cream milk tea.

7. Kangra Chai

kangra tea
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Kangra chai is from the Kangra region in Himachal Pradesh. It is a blend of woody aroma and sweet aftertaste. The geographical conditions of this region are responsible for the unique flavours of Kangra tea.

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These teas are an integral part of India’s food heritage. Please comment below to let us know which one you would try.

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