Wish To Stay At A Gold-Plated Hotel? This Hotel In Hanoi Will Make Your Dreams True!

by Mallika Khurana
Wish To Stay At A Gold-Plated Hotel? This Hotel In Hanoi Will Make Your Dreams True!

For the lover of all things blingy, this hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam, is a dream come true. By the Giang Vo Lake, in the heart of Hanoi, stands this dazzlingly bright structure covered in 24-karat gold. A tall structure with 25 floors, this brilliant hotel cost $200 million to build. Made to treat all those who love gold, this hotel has gold everywhere you could imagine. The outside of the building is gold-plated but as soon as you enter the tower, the glitter doesn’t stop. Handcrafted golden doors, wall art, and ceiling decorations are reflected in the polished marble surfaces. If this dream looks too good to be true, note that the 342 guestrooms at the hotel are surprisingly inexpensive.

This Gold-Plated Hotel In Hanoi Is Brilliance All Over

A faint trace of decorative golden lines can be seen along the walls and ceilings of the opulent suites exuding a quiet elegance. However, as soon as you enter the bathroom, the lavish golden bathtubs and walk-in showers will overwhelm you. The bidet and toilet are even coated in gold! A massive 2,000 pounds of gold was used to turn this hotel into a golden dream.

That is not the end of the bling. The rooftop 24K infinity pool rises like the blazing sun in the morning just when you think you’ve seen it all. Gilded tiles and mosaics are present in the 200 sq. m. swimming pool turning it into a stunning experience. The magnificent view makes it the ideal location to watch sunsets. 

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The Gold-Plated Hotel Has More To Offer

What experience is complete without some flavour? There are numerous dining options at Golden Lake Palace, known for its private dining experiences featuring Cantonese cuisine. Missing the gold there? Don’t fret because even the food that is served at the hotel has edible gold flakes on top, and the coffee makers in the rooms have golden cups with gold-coloured accents. 

Gold makes everything better, and this gorgeous gold-plated hotel in Vietnam is tall proof of that. Offering an experience of a lifetime, this place is accessible, waiting for you to plan a trip.

Where: Giảng Võ, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam

Check-in Time: 3 PM

Cost: Starting at ₹23,269/night

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel