With 40+ Varieties Of Dates Here’s All About The Ongoing Al Dhaid Date Festival In Sharjah

by Anupriya Mishra
With 40+ Varieties Of Dates Here’s All About The Ongoing Al Dhaid Date Festival In Sharjah

Dates are an intrinsic part of the culinary traditions in the United Arab Emirates. So, there is nothing better than a date festival that celebrates the essence of Emirati agriculture and this power-packed food. We are talking about the eighth edition of the Al Dhaid Date Festival, which is happening at the Al Dhaid Expo Centre in Sharjah. Here’s all you need to know about the ongoing dates fiesta.

Al Dhaid Date Festival Open In Sharjah

There is an ongoing date festival called Al Dhaid Date Festival in Sharjah where you will find more than 40 varieties of dates. Yes, you can also expect to find those giant egg-sized dates grown in the UAE at the ongoing festival as well! This is the seventh season of the festival and it opened to the public on July 27, Thursday. With the festival expected to go on till July 30, Sunday, you will find local farmers showcasing their products, which aren’t just limited to dates. Yes, you can also find four varieties of mangoes, papaya, banana, lemon, and other fruits!

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Highlights Of The Ongoing Date Festival

According to a report by Khaleej Times, it was mentioned that this is a four-day celebration of Emirati agriculture. As a result, it is accompanied by heritage events, commercial activities, and exciting competitions. Moreover, the key competitions at the seventh edition include Al Ratab beauty, best lemons, Al Heseel date contest, fig contest, largest dates branch, and most beautiful date basket, which is reserved only for women. Not to mention, people participating in the competition can expect to win prizes of up to AED25,000 in each category! Finally, Al Dhaid Fort for Palm Owners Competition is a fantastic new addition to this year’s festival, which has exclusively been dedicated to Sharjah farmers.

So, if you were also interested in attending this exciting festival, don’t forget to drop by Al Dhaid Expo Centre.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/aldhaid.festival