With 96 Cables, India’s 1st Cable-Stayed Anji Khad Bridge Is Finally Completed In 11 Months!

by Shreya Rathod
With 96 Cables, India’s 1st Cable-Stayed Anji Khad Bridge Is Finally Completed In 11 Months!

India’s infrastructure is progressing day by day. And the long list of developments has been joined by the most-awaited Anji Khad Bridge — India’s first cable-stayed bridge in Jammu and Kashmir. The bridge connects Katra and Reasi and is a superstructure! The Ministry of Railway on Twitter posted the wonderful news of its completion.

J&K’s Anji Khad Bridge Is Finally Completed!

According to the tweets shared by the Ministry of Railway, the Anji Khad Bridge is completed. The bridge is a crucial piece in Indian Railways’s plan to provide all-weather rail connectivity from J&K to the rest of the nation. Through the Katra-Banihal section’s tunnels T2 and T3, it connects Katra and Reasi.

In a statement, the railway department stated that the design was made using 96 cables — 48 on each central and lateral span. They were installed in a span of 11 months on April 26th. They further added that out of 47 segments 44 are launched. This required support of stay cables. Three remaining segments will be launched later in the next month. Most importantly, the bridge is an engineering marvel which was built under extreme conditions.

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The asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge spans the Anji River’s deep gorges, which is a tributary of the Chenab River. The total length of the bridge is 725m. It comprises a 473 m long asymmetric cable stay bridge that is balanced from the top of the foundation on the axis of a central pylon.

Important For Jammu-Baramulla Line

The bridge is a section of the Jammu-Baramulla line. The bridge was going to be an arch bridge. However, after a thorough examination, the authorities decided to build it in a cable-styled manner. The geographical conditions are extreme in this region but this marvel happened in 11 months! The project was headed by the Northern Railways and was built by the Hindustan Construction Company, whereas the basic design was proposed by a foreign company. India was eagerly waiting for this bridge as it is important to connect the J&K union territory to the rest of the country.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Ministry Of Railway/ Twitter