With Chole Bhature For ₹100, This All-Veg Stall Run By Sardarji In Hyderabad Is A Must Try

This food stall is located on the same lane as the popular Kumari Aunty stall but stands out for offering only vegetarian options on its menu.

by Tashika Tyagi
With Chole Bhature For ₹100, This All-Veg Stall Run By Sardarji In Hyderabad Is A Must Try

One of the best feelings in the world is discovering the flavours of your hometown in a different city. Hyderabad is a city known for its biryani, kebabs, and other delicious meaty delicacies. While they’re all delicious, it is rather hard to find good, vegetarian North Indian food there. Well not anymore, Punjab-Via-Hyderabad is a little stall discovered by a YouTuber that offers a range of North Indian dishes. This food stall in Hyderabad is run by a Sardarji. The best bit? They’re all vegetarian. Scroll on to know more details about this stall.

Bringing Punjabi Flavours To The Lanes Of Hyderabad


There is a roadside food court with many small food stalls that are covered in blue tarp near ITC Kohenur in Hyderabad. You can see at least 3,000-4,000 people eating there during lunch and dinner time. This area is especially famous for the Kumari Aunty stall. But today we aren’t talking about her. The spotlight today is on Punjab-Via-Hyderabad. This is a small North Indian food stall is run by a Sardarji in Hyderabad and discovered by YouTuber Harry Uppal.

Started two years ago, Punjab-Via-Hyderabad is an all-vegetarian stall surrounded by several counters offering various non-vegetarian dishes that Hyderabad is famous for. Run by a sweet Sardarji, this place offers a wide range of grub, all prepared by the owner’s wife. The menu here offers Paneer Bhurji, Aloo ki sabji, Soya Keema, and the special Mooch Marod Chole, and Rajma. You can have chole with bhature or kulcha, and order rice or paratha to go along with the rest of the dishes. The food here looks delicious and is a refreshing change from all the Hyderabadi dishes that you’ll find in the nearby stalls.

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Sardarji History With Food & Business In Ludhiana

Image Courtesy: YouTube/Harry Uppal

While talking to the owner, the YouTuber discovered that he had a popular food stall back in Ludhiana called ‘Giani De Mooch Marod Chole’. It was started by his father and he worked alongside him. Sardarji later operated the stall by himself before shutting down and starting a business in Hyderabad. Although it wasn’t clear why he shut the stall in Ludhiana but looks like Hyderabadi people are enjoying his delicious food now!

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Where: Silpa Gram Craft Village, Near ITC Kohenur, HITEC City, Hyderabad
When: 12 PM to 11:30 PM
Cost: ₹200 for two approx

Cover Image Courtesy: YouTube/Harry Uppal

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