Cops Shut Down Popular Kumari Aunty Stall In Hyderabad, CM Reddy Intervenes To Prevent Closure

Just a day after police shut down the Kumari Aunty stall to ease traffic, CM Revanth Reddy intervened and asked them to revoke their decision.

by Tashika Tyagi
Cops Shut Down Popular Kumari Aunty Stall In Hyderabad, CM Reddy Intervenes To Prevent Closure

Imagine popularity so big that the state CM has to intervene when something goes wrong with your business! That’s exactly what happened with social media sensation ‘Kumari Aunty’ who set up a food stall in Hyderabad’s Madhapur area. Just a day after the police shut down her stall and asked her to move to another location, Telangana CM Revanth Reddy intervened and asked the authorities to take back their decision.

CM Reddy Saves The Day For Kumari Aunty Stall In Hyderabad

Kumari aunty
Image Courtesy: X/@TelanganaCMO

It took a day for ‘Kumari Aunty’ to get her stall back and running in Hyderabad’s Madhapur area. On Tuesday, the police shut down Sai Kumari’s ‘Kumari Aunty’ stall which has been causing traffic congestion in the area. The internet intervened and much support poured in for the stall owner. The support was so high that Telangana CM Revanth Reddy had to intervene and ask the DGP and Urban Development Ministry to revoke their decision.

Sai Kumari has been running this stall for 13 years and over the last couple of months, it became a social media sensation. She sells rice, chicken, mutton curry, and other non-vegetarian food items at this stall. Now, after the CM’s intervention, the stall is ready to run again. As per some reports, CM Reddy might soon visit this stall once it starts operations again!

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What Went Down & Forced The Police To Take Such Step

kumari aunty
Image Courtesy: X/@sreereddi77

Over the last couple of months, ‘Kumari Aunty’ has been quite popular amongst YouTubers and social media influencers. So much so that hundreds of people are seen flocking to her little stall at the ITC Kohenur Junction in Madhapur. Seeing that the crowd has been leading to traffic congestion, The Raidurgam Traffic Police closed her stall on Tuesday.

The authorities have been receiving complaints about traffic jams that led the police to intervene and order the shop’s shut down. They asked ‘Kumari Aunty’ to shift her stall to another location as this will help ease traffic congestion.

We hope that the stall remains and the traffic situation also finds a quick solution to ease the traffic congestion for daily commuters.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/@avadsays & X/@TelanganaCMO

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