Black Pav Bhaji Is The Newest Trend To Hit Mumbai

by Akriti Seth
Black Pav Bhaji Is The Newest Trend To Hit Mumbai

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We have an undying affair with the color black & food in black is the new trend. Recently spotted is Black Pav Bhaji and it’s a delight.

What Is It?

We know that the most adored street food of Mumbai is Pav Bhaji which is an oh-so-delicious combination of Pav (bread) and Bhaji (mashed and spiced vegetables). That combination of spicy side with beautifully toasted paav with and extra dollop of butter is just heaven in the mouth.

So you know what? We’ve just had Activated Charcoal Ice-Cream at IceKraft and then the Goth Menu at Ticca Tikka and Bombay famous Pav Bhaji is the next black hot deal in the food scene of the city. THE GOTH PAV BHAJI.

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Masala Bar in Carter Road has a Carbon Pav-bhaji on its menu, which basically includes tossing all the ingredients together with carbon. Yes, even the bread here is black in color. Believe it!

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What’s In It?

Activated Charcoal!

The age old Pav Bhaji recipe has been fusioned with some charcoal making it so Goth! The pitch-black version of Pav-bhaji tastes exactly the same as the Pav-bhaji you get on the streets, except with a little less butter.

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A Bit About Masala Bar

Masala Bar in Bandra is a mix-ological exploration, which is like a scientific laboratory. With its vast signature beverage selection as well as the Tapas style food, Masala Bar is a fully candle-lit culinary concept during evening hours and offers an intimate experience to its guests.


Where: Level 1, Gagangiri Apartments, Carter Road, Bandra West
When: 5 PM to 1 AM
How Much: ₹2,500 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

GOTH-lovers, it’s a must try there! Only and only for you!


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