Woman On LON-BKK Flight Threw ₹5 Lac On Tarmac, Refused To Pay For Seat Upgrade; Flight Diverted To Vienna

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Woman On LON-BKK Flight Threw ₹5 Lac On Tarmac, Refused To Pay For Seat Upgrade; Flight Diverted To Vienna

The EVA Air Flight witnessed a very bizarre incident mid-air. A woman on a London-Bangkok flight created chaos on the plane. She had a heated argument with her male companion, refused to pay for the upgrade to the premium economy section, and then threw ₹5 lac on the tarmac too. Ultimately, the flight had to be diverted to Vietnam because of all the chaos caused by the woman.

Woman On LON-BKK Flight Threw ₹5 Lac On Tarmac

Credits: Wikimedia commons

On Saturday, passengers and crew on a London-Bangkok flight were completely astounded by a woman on board. The woman (name not disclosed) first began fighting with her male companion, according to reports by SWNS. 

Following this heated argument between the couple, the woman stormed off to the premium economy section of the plane. But later, when she was asked to pay for the seat upgrade to premium economy class, she refused the same. 

A spokesperson from the airline mentioned that another male passenger who was travelling with the woman also created chaos. Adjacent to the cabin gallery, the man smoked an e-cigarette and engaged in disorderly behaviour.  (As per  Moneycontrol)

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Attendants Took Quick Action

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The flight attendants were quick enough to intervene and take action but were hurled abuses on. It took about eight more passengers to stop the disruptive duo. 

As the situation escalated, the flight, which was en route for five hours, had to make an unscheduled landing in Vienna. The pilot informed the passengers about the diversion and unscheduled landing, citing the safety of both aircraft crew and passengers. 

One passenger who witnessed the incident told the New York Post that the woman and his male companion were both intoxicated. They kept talking about money for the whole time.  

Suddenly, the male passenger accompanied the woman on the flight to take the bag, which contained money. But the woman began throwing the cash on the ground. The police then ultimately intervened and took them away from the tarmac in a van. (As per  Moneycontrol)

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Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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