Woman Pretended To Be Pregnant To Avoid Switching Berths With A Train Passenger; Netizens Share Their Experiences

the diverse perspectives on accommodating fellow passengers.

by Mallika Khurana
Woman Pretended To Be Pregnant To Avoid Switching Berths With A Train Passenger; Netizens Share Their Experiences

Travelling by train often comes with its own set of challenges, and one of the most common yet inconvenient ones is the frequent requests to exchange seats or berths. This can be particularly frustrating for passengers who have meticulously planned their journeys and booked specific berths well in advance to ensure their comfort. It’s no different from choosing a window seat on a flight and then being asked to give it up. Well, an X user was recently expected to do so. However, she came up with a clever solution.

Train Passenger Fakes Pregnancy To Keep Lower Berth

Shaani Nani, an X (previously known as Twitter) user, recently shared her own experience regarding this common issue while travelling in a 3AC coach. She had booked her ticket 1.5 months in advance to secure a lower berth, as she is scared of heights. However, as soon as she entered the coach, a man in his early 50s asked her to swap her lower berth with his upper berth. 

Observing that he looked fit, she decided to avoid the upper berth by pretending to be pregnant. She mentioned that with a little bit of acting and sitting awkwardly, she managed to keep her lower berth and enjoy a comfortable journey. She cheekily added, “Perks of marriage, my friends!”

Shaani also expressed her frustration over why these requests are often directed at young men and women who have planned their journeys. She pointed out that the man did not even consider swapping with his own son or son-in-law who had the middle berth. She concluded her post by suggesting that there should be an option for passengers to select their seats before boarding the train, even if it means charging a premium for lower berths.

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Flood Of Similar Stories From Netizens

Netizens had mixed reactions to Shaani’s story, with most supporting her idea of booking a berth in advance and sharing their own similar experiences. One user empathised with the older man, suggesting he might have had arthritis and needed the lower berth more than Shaani realised.

Some shared contrasting experiences. One user recounted, “I had a reverse experience. A lady around 55 years old, obese, did not take my offer to switch the seat. She just climbed into the upper seat. The pride on her face was telling. Some women are made of steel.”

Others viewed the situation more pragmatically. “What’s wrong in requesting for some help or comfort, he requested and you denied, you won, that’s it. Chill now, why to post such stories,” one user commented.

Adding a humorous twist, one user explained how he once tied a fake bandage on his ankle to save his side lower berth from uncle and aunties.

Shaani’s post and the reactions it garnered highlight the common struggle of berth exchanges on trains and the diverse perspectives on how to handle such situations.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva and Shaani Nani/X