Woman Refuses To Pay For Boyfriend’s Food After He Ruined Her Food Pics! Will You Do The Same?

by Shreya Rathod
Woman Refuses To Pay For Boyfriend’s Food After He Ruined Her Food Pics! Will You Do The Same?

Who doesn’t like a beautiful food presentation and wants to click pics? Instagram is full of appetising and eye-pleasing food pictures. But what would you do if someone tries to ruin them? Well, this woman, who loves to click food pics, refused to pay the bill for her boyfriend’s order. Here’s what she has to say!

Woman Refuses To Pay For Her Boyfriend’s Food

AITA for refusing to pay for my boyfriend’s food after he ruined my food photos?
by u/CapitalMess100 in AmItheAsshole

In a Reddit thread, a user shares her experience of her boyfriend ruining her food pics. She writes that she has an Instagram account where she posts pics of food served at local restaurants in her city. She loves taking a snap of the dish and doesn’t turn meals into photoshoots. It is her hobby and she likes to do it with her friends who are foodies just like her.

However, her boyfriend hates it and purposefully tries to ruin her photos by taking big bites of food and messing up the dish. Or he would just roll his eyes till she stopped doing that. She tried talking with him and arguing ‘Let me enjoy things I like’. Yet, he could act immaturely. Moreover, she even requested him to spare her 30 seconds before starting to eat. Her boyfriend half-heartedly agreed to this. And since money was tight, they paid alternatively on date night.

He Ruined Her Food Pics!

woman refuses to pay for boyfriend's meal
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On Sunday, they went on a date and it was her time to pay. In the beginning, her boyfriend let her take the appetiser pic with minimal fussing. When the entrées were served, she tried to take a picture of his dish, but he ruined it with his fork. Then, to further disrupt the picture of her lunch, he reached over and stirred her spaghetti!

She was so irate over this that she refused to pay for his share of the meal when it was time to leave. This infuriated him because he said he wouldn’t have ordered a cocktail if he had known she would skip her turn. She cannot just decide not to pay per their agreement once they have issued an order, he claims, therefore she owes him one.

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