Vijay Varma Calls Himself Moody Not Foodie; Here’s What He Means

by Mallika Khurana
Vijay Varma Calls Himself Moody Not Foodie; Here’s What He Means

When it comes to success, nothing speaks louder than talent. Especially in an industry like Bollywood, only talent can make one person last and be loved by the audience. Recently, Vijay Varma registered himself on that list of talented actors. Especially after his phenomenal role in the movie Darlings, he received a lot of appreciation and recognition. On this special Sunday Brunch episode, he joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, along with his co-star in Dahaad, Sonakshi Sinha. Stream this exciting episode right away!

Vijay Varma Claims To Be A Moody

Sonakshi has enjoyed Sunday brunches with us before, and we know quite a bit about her already. Hence, we started by asking Vijay about his relationship with food. We wanted to know if he was a foodie, and he mentioned that he would title himself “moody” instead of a foodie. He revealed that there are days when he really enjoys eating and days when he doesn’t feel like indulging in food at all.

We assumed that he is one of those people who can binge eat without having to deal with the consequences, and he agreed to it to some extent. He shared that he loves to have his share of rice, ghee, and sugar and sometimes has to deal with their effects on his body. Well, that is a good position to be in, isn’t it?

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He Revealed His Eating Habits While Growing Up

Vijay Varma Sunday Brunch
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Vijay Varma has a Rajasthani background but was raised in Hyderabad. In terms of cuisine, these states are stark opposites. So obviously, we wanted to know what kind of food he ate during his childhood. Well, his answer made us drool instantly. He shared that he eats fusion food at home, where Rajasthani dishes mingle with Andhra spice palates. It certainly sounds like a great combo.

Right from the beginning of the episode, we could see how exciting it would get. And, it did! If you want to know about the lives of these Bollywood stars, their lives before becoming actors, their love of travelling, and more, watch the full video.

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