Woman Stuck 15 Hours Overnight In US Ski Gondola; Lost Her Voice Screaming For Help

A tourist got trapped in the freezing cold in a ski gondola at a Lake Tahoe Resort.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Woman Stuck 15 Hours Overnight In US Ski Gondola; Lost Her Voice Screaming For Help

In what can only be termed a tourist’s worst nightmare, a woman got stuck in a freezing gondola at a ski resort in the USA. Monica Laso was trapped for 15 hours overnight. Shocked and terrified she kept screaming for help and lost her voice in the process. Read on to know her ordeal and how she was finally rescued.

Tourist Trapped In Ski Gondola Overnight At A Lake Tahoe Resort

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A report by USA Today sheds light on the terrifying experience of Monica Laso, a tourist who was stuck overnight for 15 hours in a ski gondola at a Lake Tahoe resort. She stated to KCRA 3 in a Spanish interview, that she headed for a skiing trip with her friends at Heavenly Ski Resort on January 25. But she felt too tired to walk down the hill. So, Monica Laso approached a worker who suggested she take a ski gondola to avoid straining herself.

The tourist hopped on the gondola at around 4:58 pm while her friends walked downhill. However, just 2 minutes later, the gondola suddenly stopped. Stranded alone in the ski gondola in the freezing cold without a phone or light. Shocked and scared, she kept screaming for help every time she spotted an employee below until she lost her voice.

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She Was Rescued In The Morning

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When her friends went downhill, they couldn’t locate her. The concerned friends reported her missing to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office at 8:30, the next morning. The next morning when the Heavenly Mountain Resort gondola commenced its operations again, the crew realised she had been stuck in the gondola overnight. Firefighters arrived at the scene and even offered to take her to the hospital, but she rejected it.

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Spokesperson of the resort, Sallie Ross stated the woman wasn’t injured but she definitely didn’t have a great night. Ross called this incident an anomaly and wondered how such an incident could even happen. And even described it to be a terrifying situation for Monica Laso to be stuck for 15 hours, overnight all alone.

Meanwhile, does this news deter you from visiting taking a gondola during your skiing trips?

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