Woodside Inn, Mumbai, Unveils 17th Beer & Burger Festival Featuring Global Carnival-Inspired Burgers & Craft Beers

Indulge in culinary delights and vibrant festivities!

by Mallika Khurana
Woodside Inn, Mumbai, Unveils 17th Beer & Burger Festival Featuring Global Carnival-Inspired Burgers & Craft Beers

For burger and beer lovers in Mumbai, July brings a feast like no other. Woodside Inn, the city’s beloved gastro-pub, is back with its much-anticipated 17th edition of the Beer & Burger Festival. Aptly themed “CARNIWORLD,” this year’s festival, running from 8th July to 10th August 2024, draws inspiration from the greatest carnivals and celebrations worldwide.

Woodside Inn’s 17th Beer & Burger Festival Brings International Flavours

Craft Beers
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Woodside Inn has established itself as a pioneer in the beer and burger pairing movement, consistently pushing the envelope with innovative themes and collaborations. Over the past sixteen editions, they have delighted patrons with unique themes such as Zodiac Signs and Music, and collaborations with icons like Baba Sehgal and Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila. 

This year’s edition promises to be a spectacular celebration, with ten freshly crafted burgers inspired by global carnivals paired with six limited-edition craft beers. The festivities will take place across Woodside Inn’s locations in Colaba, Bandra, and Andheri.

Beer enthusiasts will be thrilled with the exclusive offerings brewed by Bira 91, including the Goan Gypsy stout. This unique beer draws inspiration from the Indo-Portuguese dessert Bebinca, featuring flavours of coconut and nutmeg. Another standout is the Xtra Hoppy, an extraordinary pale ale brewed in collaboration with Windmills, Bangalore. 

Woodside Inn’s in-house craft beers are equally impressive. The Rio Redeemer, a lemonade lager inspired by Brazil’s carnival, offers a refreshing start. For those who prefer something unique, the Blanc Out is a delightful hybrid of French wheat ale and American hazy IPA.

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Burgers From Around The World

burger & beer festival
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The burgers are the heart of the festival, each one inspired by a different carnival. The lineup includes:

  • Rio Riot Burger: A vibrant creation inspired by Brazil’s Carnival.
  • PO’ KING Burger: Bringing the flavours of Mardi Gras from the U.S.A.
  • BALKAN BLAST Burger: Celebrating the Rijeka Carnival from Croatia.
  • ALOO PI-ERTY Burger: A taste of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.
  • MASQUED DON Burger: Inspired by the Venice Carnival in Italy.
  • NOTTING CRAZY Burger: Reflecting the lively Notting Hill Carnival in England.
  • EGGS-TRA EASY Burger: Drawing from the Sydney Carnival in Australia.
  • SAMBAL SMASH Burger: Paying homage to the Solo Batik Carnival in Indonesia.
  • NIGERIAN YAMBOREE Burger: Inspired by the Calabar Carnival in Nigeria.

A standout is the Goan Carni-More Burger, a special creation by Chef Ralph Prazeres from Praca Prazeres, Goa. Chef Ralph Prazeres remarked, “When I was asked to create a special burger for the Woodside Inn Beer & Burger Festival, I knew it had to be something that would transport people to Goa the minute they sunk their teeth into it.”

Beyond the food and drink, the festival promises a host of fun events, including a shopping carnival, Goan band performances, and Queer Camp. Special events like the Vindaloo Band & Wednesday Live Zipped at Woodside Inn, Andheri, on July 24, 2024, ensure there’s something for everyone.

The CARNIWORLD festival at Woodside Inn is an unmissable event.

Where: Woodside Inn, Colaba, Bandra and Andheri
When: 8th July 2024 to 10th August 2024 | 11:30 am to 1:30 am

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