Work From Cafe! Bengaluru Man Sets Up Desktop In Cafe After Office Gets Flooded

by Sushmita Mahanta
Work From Cafe! Bengaluru Man Sets Up Desktop In Cafe After Office Gets Flooded

It’s no secret that working professionals are slowly making cafe culture their new work culture. After ‘work from home’, it’s ‘work from cafe’ that’s becoming a trend in India now. However, it’s the consistent rain in Bengaluru which has made a man set up his desktop in a city cafe. Most schools and offices in Bengaluru are flood-stricken due to the rains. On September 7, 2022, a Twitter user from the city uploaded a picture of a man working on his desktop in a cafe. The picture is viral now and netizens are expressing their views on the same. Read on to know more tidbits from this relatable workspace incident.

Man Along With A Few Others Work With A Full-fledged Desktop Setup In The Bengaluru  Cafe

Lately, a relatable Bengaluru Cafe incident is making rounds on the internet. A Twitter user with the handle name @sanketsahu uploaded a picture of a ‘work from cafe’ scene in one of the cafes in Bengaluru. As context for the picture, the user reveals that Bengaluru schools and offices are mostly in flood-like situations because of the rains. This is why a man is spotted working from a cafe with his desktop setup; even the CPU! The Twitter user from Bengaluru writes, “I just saw a group working from the Third Wave Coffee with “a full-fledged desktop setup” because their offices are flooded.”
Take a look at his tweet and the picture:

Netizens React

The cafe incident in Bengaluru has become a talk of the internet. Most users are expressing their opinions about the picture and we see them all! One user writes, “if your startup moves their desktops to third wave coffee to maintain flow, I don’t care what your product is just DM me and I’ll invest $50k.” Another one jokingly tweets, “Didn’t know this is what constitutes a business continuity plan.” A third one adds, “Hustle or war room is not a pitstop rather a pitfall of startup culture. Nothing beats WFH.”
But there’s one user whose comment made us giggle the most and he writes, “nice workplace, where do they go for a coffee break though?”
Well, we are curious to know that too!

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