The Real Story Behind The Viral Video Of Punjab Man Picking Up Ration In Mercedes

by Sushmita Mahanta
The Real Story Behind The Viral Video Of Punjab Man Picking Up Ration In Mercedes

Who doesn’t love a viral video? Well, Netizens certainly do! And one such viral video emerging from Punjab of a man picking ration in a Mercedes has become the talk of the town. Hailing from Hoshiarpur the video has garnered a lot of attention.

The virality made the Punjab government order verification of all blue ration cards distributed by previous governments. Lalchand Kataruchak, the Minister of Food and Civil Supplies, Punjab, has also ordered a thorough investigation into the matter. Netizens were enraged to see the rich exploiting the benefits of the poor after the video went viral. But all that shines in not always gold and all that goes viral is not always truthfully told!

Shedding light on the matter, The Tribune India delved deeper and found the real reason behind the Punjab man picking up ration in Mercedes.

The Punjab Man Revealed That The Car Is Not Even His

The Punjab man in the viral video has been identified as Ramesh Kumar Saini, a resident of Hoshiarpur’s Ajjowal Road. A recent report from The Tribune revealed Ramesh’s son Anoop Saini stating to Tribune that his father was a truck driver who left that job after fracturing his hip in an accident. Talking about the Mercedes,  Anoop’s father Ramesh said that the car actually belonged to his NRI relatives staying in America. The Punjab man said that being a diesel car, it was important for him to drive the Mercedes now and then.

Ramesh further added that it was upon his children’s request that he picked up the ration in the Mercedes. The man later ended up producing the documents of the car and claimed that the luxurious car didn’t belong to him. It turns out he cannot afford such a luxury.

Ration Shop Owner’s Take On Giving Cheap Ration To Man Riding Mercedes

The viral video of the Punjab man was recorded by a bystander outside the ration shop in  Naloian Chowk in Hoshiarpur and was later posted on Twitter. After it went viral, local publications revealed that the ration shop is run by Amit Kumar.

Kumar was later questioned on why he allowed the Mercedes man cheap ration and he told reporters that the man driving the car had a BPL card. When asked if he checks the credentials of people coming to his shop, Amit said he just follows government orders and has no idea about anything of it. Amit further added that the government had ordered that whoever has the BPL card, should be provided free ration. Take a look at the viral video here:

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Well, such is the world! We should take everything with a pinch of salt and not blindly believe in everything that goes viral! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

News Source: The Tribune India