‘World’s Best Restaurant’ El Bulli In Spain To Be Opened As A Museum Soon! Deets Here.

spain restaurant elBulli
by Shreya Rathod

Spanish restaurant El Bulli, known for its contemporary fare, was located close to the town of Roses. The restaurant, which was founded in 1964, had a view of the Catalan bay of Cala Montjoi. In 2006, El Bulli was hailed as “the most imaginative generator of haute cuisine on the planet” and was awarded three Michelin stars. The restaurant shut its doors on July 30, 2011, and it will reopen as a museum honouring the culinary revolution it started.

Spanish restaurant El Bulli To Be Reopened As A Museum!

Before it closed more than ten years ago, Spain’s elBulli has consistently rated as the best restaurant in the world. Now, it’s going to reopen as a museum honouring the culinary revolution it started. The museum has been given the name elBulli1846, a nod to the 1,846 dishes that renowned chef Ferran Adria claims were created at the restaurant.

On June 15, the museum will open, 12 years after the last food was served to customers at the restaurant. Hundreds of photographs, journals, awards, and models made of plastic or wax that resemble some of the inventive meals that were served at the restaurant will be on display for visitors.

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The museum received an €11 million ($11.8 million) investment from a foundation established to uphold elBulli’s heritage. Plans to enlarge the structure on the picturesque Cala Montjoi Bay close to the cities of Roses had to be modified due to ecological resistance.

Why Was The Restaurant Closed?

spain restaurant El Bulli

Credits: elBulli Foundation/ Website

Molecular gastronomy, the culinary movement that breaks down ingredients and recombines them in novel ways, was invented by Ferran Adrià. The resulting delicacies, like fruit foam, gazpacho popsicles, and caramelised quails, have unexpected flavour and texture pairings.

According to Ferran Adrià, it wasn’t about coming to eat there but to know what happened in elBulli. He further claimed that he recognised that not everyone enjoyed his culinary inventions. They are ultimately new things, and each one comes as a shock. Typically, it prompts you to consider your interests.

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The restaurant witnessed a huge demand for reservations in its final years. Therefore, he distributed seats using a lottery.

Cover Image Courtesy: Ferran Adrià/ Twitter