Soap Bubbles For Dessert?! This 3-Michelin Star Restaurant Has The Dish For You

soap bubbles dessert
by Shreya Rathod

It is true that we have a different stomachs for dessert. Whether it is homemade or exotic, the sweet taste in our mouths is worth the extra calories. But this is no ordinary one. The 3-Star Michelin restaurant in Spain has a new, unique and quirky treat for you. Though many restaurants have tried making dishes that are out of the ordinary, take a look at this soap bubbles dish for dessert.

Soap Bubbles As A Dessert

The El Celler de Can Roca in Spain is a well-known 3-Star Michelin restaurant. They have created many visually appealing dishes as well. However, this dessert is something that you haven’t seen. But why? Well, the dish looks like a cluster of soap bubbles, literally. However, it is actually a cake that looks like soap bubbles or a cloud of distilled mushrooms. This dessert is lightweight, and it can fly if not anchored to the dish.

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Public Reaction To This Quirky Treat

People are astounded by this new experiment. Since it has mushrooms which is a fungus, is a little unsettling for most of them. Someone wrote that they would rather have a brownie instead of a flying fungus. And many are questioning its taste. But tell us what you think about soap bubbles for dessert. And also, if you will try this? Comment below.

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Cover Image Courtesy: VOM & El Celler De Can Roca /Instagram