World’s Best Skateboarders Are Heading To UAE In 2023 To Participate In 2 Olympic Qualifiers At Sharjah

by Deeplata Garde 565

Skateboarding is starting to gain popularity as more and more kids can be seen riding skateboards in UAE. Many skateboarders are seen showing their skills and talents at skateparks.  And now the world’s top skating aficionados will be seen flocking to Sharjah to compete for their spot in the Olympics. The Aljada Skate Park in Sharjah will host two qualifying competitions for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, according to World Skate.

First Upscale Skating Event In UAE


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The Aljada Skate Park will hold the first such tournaments in the UAE next month. The two World Championships join a long list of important sporting competitions and events that have visited the UAE in recent years. For the very first time, such a competitive pro-skating event of this calibre has ever been hosted in the Middle East. The Sharjah games are a crucial stop on the path to Paris 2024. Athletes who want to participate in the upcoming Olympics must earn merit points to be eligible by competing in a small number of events.

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300 Skateboarders Will Reach Sharjah For The Tournaments


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Aljada Skate Park is one of the biggest skating facilities present in Sharjah. Some 300 professional skateboarders from all over the world will compete in both tournaments at this park. The park sits in Sharjah’s largest infrastructural project, Aljada Urban District. The Aljada Skate Park complex presently includes six distinct parks, spread out over a 90,000-square-foot area.

These parks range in size from a world-class, Olympic-level street circuit and park design with two deep ends. Settled in Madar, the Aljada community’s entertainment district the area was designed by Zaha Hadid, a renowned architect.

These competitions add to Sharjah’s athletic legacy. It highlights the UAE’s status as a highly desirable destination for a wide variety of international sports.

Sharjah citizens can’t wait to witness the world’s best talents land here to compete in the contest.

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