World’s First 40-Storey Bitcoin Tower Is Coming To Dubai & We Can’t Wait For It!

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by Deeplata Garde

We have seen a plethora of towers in the glam city of Dubai. Inspired by abstract art to yacht shapes, the city has seen it all. The style ain’t limited to design but also the height as it varies from horizontally long to vertically tall buildings. But one such tower that’s coming to this Emirates is going to be inspired by Bitcoin. Yes, you heard that right! World’s first Bitcoin-inspired tower will be built in Dubai and we can’t hold our excitement.

World’s First Bitcoin Tower Is Coming To Dubai

In addition to embracing cutting-edge technology like blockchain and artificial intelligence, the new hotel chain that will be designed in the image of Bitcoin is expected to place a heavy emphasis on material sustainability and zero CO2 usage. In other words, it will have cutting-edge design, tech-savvy construction, and sustainable materials.

A developer from Dubai has revealed his bold ambitions to build the first-ever Bitcoin (BTC) Tower. We can expect a ground-breaking initiative that strives to highlight the significance of technology and cryptocurrencies.

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NFTs, Cryptocurrency & More!

The distinctive hotel chain goes a step further by providing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with distinctive features intended to reward its clients. Guests can earn an APY by staking cryptocurrency, which they can then redeem with their rental fee. Having completed various worldwide projects over the past three decades, architect Simone Micheli contributes a unique perspective with the goal of developing virtual settings that open up previously imagined experiences.

The Bitcoin Tower will be a breathtaking 40-story tower that will represent Dubai’s homage to Bitcoin and embody the ideals of its enigmatic founder, Satoshi Nakamoto. According to Leggiero, the tower will usher in an era of change in real estate by fusing digital and physical possessions.

According to the real estate developer and investor who conducts business in Italy, London, and Dubai, it will act as a significant beginning point for individuals who want to take part in this transformation.

Dubai wants to become a leader in cryptocurrency creativity. It will push the limits of conventional real estate with its forward-thinking strategy.

We are yet to hear updates regarding the start or completion of this project.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Dubai Media Office