World’s First Traffic Lights For Camels Gets Installed In China

Traffic Lights For Camels
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 1283

Following traffic signals is a must, and that’s not just for us, but now it’s for camels too. Yep, the king of the desert now has to follow traffic rules? Why so? Well, it is so because China has now installed a traffic signal for Camels, and here’s everything you must know about it.

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Camels Will Now Follow Traffic Rules In Mingsha Mountain And Crescent Spring, China 

Camel-riding tours are a big attraction for people visiting Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring. And that leads to camel collisions at times. However, now, thanks to the new traffic signal, the collisions will reduce. A report in CNN states that the main objective of the installation is to prevent camel collisions at Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring. The collisions were not only troublesome for camels but also for tourists.

Pic Credit: CNN

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In terms of the signal, just like a normal traffic signal, it will turn green to let the animal cross the road and turn red to make them stop. Well, this is super cool. China always managed to stun us with some new innovations.

Mingsha Mountain Is Also Known As The Singing Sand Dunes

Meanwhile, Mingsha Mountain is also known as the Singing Sand Dunes. It is so because the sands carry a singing or drumming sound when the wind blows. Now ain’t that super cool?

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What do you think will this innovation come to UAE too? What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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