World’s Largest Chocolate Fair, Salon du Chocolat Is Set To Return This May

by Deeplata Garde
World’s Largest Chocolate Fair, Salon du Chocolat Is Set To Return This May

Are you a chocoholic? If yes then we have some amazing news for you! After the successful first edition, the World’s Largest Chocolate Fair is back in Dubai. The 2nd Edition of Salon du Chocolat will be returning to Dubai in May and the air is going to be filled with sweetness. So if you feel that you are a chocolate aficionado then this event should be on your calendar.

Salon Du Chocolat et de la pâtisserie Is Coming Back To Dubai

The world’s largest chocolate fair will be making Dubai mall its home for 3 days in May. Expect the fair to commence from May 18 to May 20. Numerous dealers of chocolate and pastries will be present, as well as special seminars and demonstrations led by renowned chefs, in the 2023 edition schedule.

You can anticipate witnessing people with a great passion for chocolate. And we don’t mean just people eating chocolate but also holding profound experience in tasting chocolates. They will attend the special second version, along with well-known writers and pastry chefs from around the world. Visitors will also be able to experience exclusive meet and greets with well-known pastry chefs who will be present as well as find, taste, and purchase delectable chocolates from top international brands.

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The First Edition Of The World’s Largest Chocolate Fair Was A Rocking Show

The three-day programme included a variety of activities influenced by chocolate, such as the Pastry Show, Salon du Chocolat Junior, Chocolate Fashion Show, and Choco Démo. Le Gourmet in Galeries Lafayette, Dubai Mall hosted Salon du Chocolat Dubai, which took place from May 12–14, 2022, for the first time.

And similar to the last season we anticipate thousands of attendees gathering to share their love for chocolate at the Dubai mall. From tasting the samples to buying their favourites, the world’s largest Chocolate fair has a lot to offer to visitors.

According to the official website, the event at present anticipates 3000 visitors, and 50 brands to participate in the 500 sqm space.

Paris 1994 was the birthplace of Salon du Chocolat et de la pâtisserie. Since then it has become an international allusion for all chocoholics, organising events in famous cities around the globe. The cities are namely Tokyo, London, Brussels, Cologne, Monaco, Milano, Hong Kong, Beirut, Lyon, Moscow, Shanghai, Marseille, Zurich, Cannes, Bordeaux, Dubai, Jeddah, New York and others.

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