World’s Largest Leather Exhibition Moves To Dubai From Hong Kong

by Deeplata Garde
World’s Largest Leather Exhibition Moves To Dubai From Hong Kong

Over the last few decades, Hong Kong has clearly been one of the ideal places for a major international exhibition for a leather sector that has its historical roots in the very beginnings of international commerce. It’s difficult to believe that the previous APLF Hong Kong trade event was in March of this year, nearly three years ago. From March 30 to April 1, 2022, the event will occur in the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The APLF Decided To Hunt For A New Venue For 2022

Other countries considered were Bangkok and Singapore. But Emirates stood atop due to its first-class exhibition halls, tourist infrastructure, and geographic advantage for fashion buyers and manufacturers from Europe. Dubai emerged as the only candidate that met the specific criteria required to host an international event.

Hopefully, Dubai’s facilities will be able to match those in Hong Kong for trade association meetings, award ceremonies, reunions of all kinds. If that’s the case, Dubai’s allure lies in its proximity to so many aspects of the rapidly developing leather sector.


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Leather Industry Suffered A Lot Due To Pandemic

In the previous three years, the epidemic has had an influence on the worldwide economy. Leather footwear, leather products, and fashion industries were no different. Many tanneries and footwear manufacturers have continued to operate. But they significantly reduced capacity than before the epidemic. Some businesses may have even shut down, although the entire impact has not yet determined.

Because many companies were shut down due to shoppers were confined to internet vendors like Amazon, Alibaba, and UPS. As a result, the pandemic benefitted certain businesses, such as shipping and warehousing. However, the detrimental impact on manufacturers and raw material suppliers is undeniable. Also, the recovery from record low levels may take a long time.

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