Wowed By Burj Khalifa? Well, Emaar Group To Bring Elegant ‘Female’ Burj Khalifa At The Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour's to welcome redesigned tower and futuristic mall.

by Deeplata Garde
Wowed By Burj Khalifa? Well, Emaar Group To Bring Elegant ‘Female’ Burj Khalifa At The Dubai Creek Harbour

The Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival became the stage for a groundbreaking revelation by Mohamed Alabbar, the visionary founder of Emaar Properties. Plans were unveiled for a transformational project at Dubai Creek Harbour, involving a redesigned tower and a cutting-edge mall. This unveiling marks a strategic shift from the initial plan of creating a tower surpassing the Burj Khalifa in height.

From Heights to Elegance: The Elegant Creek Tower Emerges

The project, spanning six square kilometres, now sees the construction of a more refined tower at its core. Initially envisioned to outshine the iconic Burj Khalifa, the redesigned tower, affectionately named the “Creek Tower,” takes on a smaller yet more elegant stature. Alabbar emphasised the shift towards architectural elegance, driven by profitability considerations and prioritisation of splendid apartment views. The Creek Tower, in its redesigned glory, now stands as a symbolic counterpart to the Burj Khalifa, embodying a harmonious and balanced architectural approach.

Futuristic Shopping Mall At Dubai Creek Harbour

Alabbar didn’t limit his vision to the Creek Tower; he delved into plans for an avant-garde mall at Dubai Creek Harbour. This mall aspires to redefine the shopping experience, introducing a groundbreaking concept, the potential inclusion of electric cars within its premises, a feat yet unseen in mall design. While not aspiring to be the world’s largest mall, the focus revolves around creating an innovative and dynamic space that transcends conventional shopping paradigms.

Size, Innovation, and Dubai Creek Harbour’s Unique Identity

The Dubai Creek Harbour site, twice the size of Downtown Dubai, is poised for a transformation that distinguishes it from its counterparts. Despite its vast expanse, it will not host a shopping centre comparable in size to the grandeur of Dubai Mall. Instead, the emphasis lies on innovation and uniqueness, with the Creek Tower and the futuristic mall aiming to shape Dubai Creek Harbour into a multifaceted destination, redefining the city’s skyline and shopping experience.

The link between innovation and Dubai’s progressive spirit is seamlessly woven into the fabric of these transformative projects, promising a future where architectural elegance and avant-garde shopping converge at Dubai Creek Harbour.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva Stock Images

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