X User Calls Out Bengaluru Auto Drivers’ “Goon Behaviour” At Jalahalli Metro Station; Netizens Say, “It’s A Regular Scene”

An X (formerly Twitter) user posted about the unruly behaviour of auto drivers at Jalahalli Metro Station and how they abused bike taxi riders.

by Tashika Tyagi
X User Calls Out Bengaluru Auto Drivers’ “Goon Behaviour” At Jalahalli Metro Station; Netizens Say, “It’s A Regular Scene”

An X user recently took to social media to share his experience with rowdy auto drivers at Jalahalli Metro Station, Bengaluru. In his tweet, he mentioned how the auto drivers abused and chased away bike taxi riders that he booked via the Rapido app. They even argued with the man when he tried to intervene and ask why auto drivers weren’t allowing the bike riders to take customers. Surprisingly, his tweet garnered many comments where Bengalureans said it was a regular scenario in the city.

Man Posts About The “Goon Behaviour” Of Auto Drivers, Police Responds

X (formerly Twitter) user, @Bnglrweatherman posted about his encounter with unruly auto drivers at Jalahalli Metro Station in Bengaluru. In his tweet, he mentioned how two of the bike taxi riders he booked via Rapido were chased away by the auto drivers at the metro station. At first, the user thought this behaviour was due to the ban on electric bike taxis in Bengaluru. However, when they chased away the second bike taxi, a non-electric one, he realised it was to push back riders from taxi aggregator apps like Rapido.

When he tried to argue with them, the Bengaluru taxi drivers said “Don’t talk about rules to us & we know better than you.” They didn’t even allow the user to take videos or pictures about this incident. The man narrated the entire incident in the post and tagged accounts of Jalahalli Traffic Police Station, Bengaluru City Police, and Bengaluru Traffic Police.

The Bengaluru City Police responded to the post and asked the man for his contact details to investigate this incident.

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Internet Calls It A Regular Scene In Bengaluru

Bengaluru auto driver behaviour tweet
Image Courtesy: Canva (representative image)

Unfortunately, this scenario is quite common in Bengaluru. @Bnglrweatherman’s tweet was flooded with many comments of people mentioning how this is a regular scene for auto drivers in many parts of Bengaluru.

Some people in the comments have advised to book cabs after walking a little distance to avoid such incidents.

This is quite concerning, especially seeing how normal it is according to people on the internet. We hope the authorities take some serious action and come up with a permanent solution for this. What’s your hot take on this? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & X/@Bnglrweatherman

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