X User Slams IndiGo For “Pathetic Boarding” In Istanbul-Bound Flight; Passengers Wait Inside Boarding Bridge

The IndiGo flight was delayed for more than an hour.

by Shreya Ghosh
X User Slams IndiGo For “Pathetic Boarding” In Istanbul-Bound Flight; Passengers Wait Inside Boarding Bridge

It feels extremely irritating when flights get delayed. Planes departing late from airports is becoming quite a usual experience for many passengers. We come across multiple complaints of flyers slamming airlines for delays and cancellations these days. This time, a passenger took to social media to rant about travelling to Istanbul on an IndiGo flight and the inconveniences he faced on this journey.

X User Complained About An Instanbul-Bound IndiGo Flight

Sriram (@srmahadevan69) took to the X (formerly Twitter) platform to share about his journey and all the obstacles on the way.

Sriram was flying to Istanbul with IndiGo. There were several issues faced by all passengers who were a part of this journey. The first major concern was the delay. According to the X post, the flight was delayed for over an hour. Following this problem, they came across the next one where everyone had to wait inside the boarding bridge. Sriram added how the airline made all the flyers “wait like cattle inside the boarding bridge”.

The flight schedules of airlines often get changed due to many unavoidable circumstances. All such factors lead to delays and even cancellations. Looks like similar incidents are on the rise as we see more and more passengers take to social media these days to share their experiences and complain about the airlines they fly with. We have come across more such posts about IndiGo in the past few weeks.

As of now, no information about the reason causing the delay of this Instanbul-bound IndiGo flight has been revealed in the comments of this X post.

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The Airline Responded To The Complaint

IndiGo has replied to the X post by Sriram. Taking to the comments, IndiGo mentioned how operational challenges are reported at times even after focusing on following guidelines and attempting to maintain the flight schedule. “Sir, we sincerely aim to avoid inconveniencing your travel plans. Despite our efforts to adhere to the schedule, operational challenges occasionally arise due to several factors. The flight will be airborne soon”, responded IndiGo.

The X user updated about the incident around 47 minutes later.

According to the X user, it was 7:31 AM when he clicked the picture. However, the in-flight screen displayed the time at the origin, in Mumbai, as 8:26 AM.

IndiGo released a press statement on June 3. It stated that flight 6E 17 operating between Mumbai and Istanbul was delayed due to operational reasons. The passengers were informed about the expected delay.

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Have you faced any such experience while travelling with IndiGo?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Sriram (@srmahadevan69), Wikimedia Commons

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