You Can Now Name Northern Lights, Here’s How You Can Do It

Northern Lights
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 311

We all have a bucket list, and one place that’s common in our bucket list is chasing the magnificent northern lights. And if witnessing the splendour of Northern lights has always been on your bucket list, then we have something for you. You can now leave your mark while admiring the beauty of northern lights. Yep, Visit Arctic Europe is inviting people to leave their mark by naming the storms that cause the northern lights.

To Boost, Tourism Visit Arctic Europe Is Now Giving You A Chance To Name Northern Lights

North Pole

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Auroras, which are caused by sun storms, send strong gusts of charged solar particles toward the Earth. And when these particles meet Earth, what we see is a beautiful display of Northern lights. And now, the strongest auroras will be named to distinguish one storm from another. And guess what, you will get a chance to name them. On this, Rauno Posio, program director of Visit Arctic Europe, in a statement said,

“There are so many northern lights visible in Arctic Europe from autumn to early spring that we started giving them names the same way other storms are named. This way, they get their own identities and it’s easier to communicate about them.”

northern lights

The Chosen Names Will Be Shared On Naming Auroras Website 

When it comes to naming the auroras, it will make it easier for scientists to discuss these storms. Besides that, it will further allow tourists to their experiences with others. In terms of names, at present, each name is chosen from a list of names inspired by Nordic history, culture, and heritage. But that won’t be the case anymore! You can now submit your ideas for what should be added to this list of potential names. Excited, already? Can’t wait to name one yourself? 

All you have to do is visit the Naming Auroras website and explain why you think an aurora borealis should be named after you or someone else. If the authorities are convinced with your answer, then they may take your suggestion. For chosen names, all of them will be shared on the Naming Auroras website and Arctic’s Instagram page. 

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