You Can Now ‘ROAM’ Around In Saudi Arabia With An Exclusive 9-Day Vacation Package

by Deeplata Garde
You Can Now ‘ROAM’ Around In Saudi Arabia With An Exclusive 9-Day Vacation Package

Saudi Arabia is a land of rich heritage and captivating contrasts and it offers an immersive journey through time and culture. Beyond the cities, Saudi Arabia’s natural beauty unfolds, with vast deserts, stunning coastlines along the Red Sea, and the captivating landscapes of the Empty Quarter. Do you wish to explore this all? Then why just ROAM around? Here’s an exclusive 9-day vacation in Saudi Arabia that will help you explore the kingdom.

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Are you in search of a luxurious and exclusive vacation within Saudi Arabia? Look no further than ROAM’s distinctive Saudi vacation. This nine-day excursion transports you across the expanse of Saudi Arabia, enabling you to uncover the Kingdom’s most well-preserved treasures, spanning an array of historical and contemporary marvels.

The travel plan is replete with captivating destinations. During your time in Riyadh, your accommodation will be at the lavish Four Seasons, situated atop the iconic Kingdom Tower, affording sweeping panoramic vistas of the capital city. In AlUla, the captivating Banyan Tree awaits your arrival. The luxurious private villas offer stunning perspectives and an exceptional infinity rock pool.

The initial three days will be dedicated to your exploration of Riyadh. The trip will encompass visits to the National Museum, Murabba Palace, Al Masmak Fortress and Souq Al Zal, the largest and oldest artisan market. The fourth & fifth days will be spent in AlUla. Here you can witness Saudi Arabia’s inaugural UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra. Subsequently, days six and seven will be centred in Jeddah, with day eight earmarked for a private boat exploration along the Red Sea coast. And finally, the ninth day will be your departing day back home.

Here’s how your 9 days would be divided according to the website

1. Day 1-3- Riyadh
2. Day 4 & 5- AlUla
3. Day 6 & 7- Jeddah
4. Day 8- Red Sea Coast (private boat)
5. Day 9: Travel back home

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ROAM is a destination management company. Their official website shows additional information about ROAM’s opulent travel packages. Their meticulously curated assortment of tailor-made packages is designed to be suitable for your desires. It ensures a memorable experience that aligns seamlessly with your preferences. If this 9-day vacation package doesn’t fit your preference then don’t fret. ROAM also offers a plethora of packages with great deals to explore the cities of Saudi Arabia.

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