You Can Now See A Full-Scale Replica Of The Mars Rover At Bengaluru Museum

by Tooba Shaikh
You Can Now See A Full-Scale Replica Of The Mars Rover At Bengaluru Museum

Calling all space nerds! If you love all things related to space and its exploration, this piece of news will definitely excite you! You might be aware that scientists are now trying to explore Mars and see if it is suitable for supporting human life. Multiple rovers have been sent to the planet to bring back important information about the planet. If you want to witness what one of these rovers is like, here’s your chance! A full-sized replica of the Mars Rover Opportunity is now being displayed at the Bengaluru Museum.

Full-Scale Replica Of Mars Rover Opportunity

A full-scale replica of the Mars Rover Opportunity is now being exhibited at the Bengaluru Museum in Karnataka. Officially known as the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum or the VITM, the rover can be found in the Space Technology gallery of the museum.

According to an article published by Times Now, this particular model of the Mars Rover was built by students. The students were from the Ivy League college Cornell University. This is not the first time that the replica is being showcased publicly.

Before Bengaluru, the rover was exhibited in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Dulles, Virginia in the United States of America or the US. During the World Expo of 2020 in the US Pavilion, it was exhibited in Dubai.

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Symbolises US-India Space Relations

replica Mars Rover
Image Credits: @vismuseum/Twitter

From November 2022 to March 2023, just before arriving at the VITM, it was showcased at the American Centre in the US Consulate in Chennai. It was inaugurated at the VITM on the 1st of June by the director of the UR Rao Satellite Centre of the Indian Space Research Organisation or the ISRO, M Sankaran.

Judith Ravin, who is the US Consul General in Chennai, said that the Mars Rover replica symbolises the cooperation between India and the US when it comes to space technology. The two countries have had longstanding relations and the rover is an emblem of the same.

The Mars Rover Opportunity trod the red planet between the years 2004 and 2018. While there, it managed to send across extremely important information about the planet.

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Cover Image Credits: @vismuseum/Twitter