You Can Soon Get Booster Doses If You Are Travelling Abroad

by Sanjana Shenoy
You Can Soon Get Booster Doses If You Are Travelling Abroad

While many countries are slowly reopening borders for travel, they have also mandated booster doses. Given the international norms, The Indian government may soon allow booster shots for those travelling abroad for education, jobs, sports, or other business commitments. The government is currently contemplating if these shots could be available at private vaccination centres.  Meanwhile, Indians who can afford to travel abroad, are flying to the USA, UK and UAE to get booster shots for the Covid-19 vaccine. Read on to know more.

Rich Indians Travel Abroad For Covid-19 Booster Doses

In a report by India Today, UAE’s SEHA Health Services revealed that tourists with valid visas can visit the UAE for administering booster doses. These booster doses against Covid-9 can be given to people in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain for 370 AED (₹7589). Several wealthy Indians have already managed to get these booster shots in the UAE. Apart from the UAE, Indians are also travelling to the UK and USA for booster shots. These countries permit foreign tourists to book an appointment and visit the centre for shots.

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Some Parents From Gujarat Fly To USA To Get Kids Vaccinated

India has not yet started administering booster shots, as a major chunk of the population still isn’t fully vaccinated. But the Opposition has started demanding the Centre to make these booster shots available to the public amid growing Omicron cases. In fact, parents from Gujarat are also taking their kids abroad for Covid-19 vaccinations. Some of these kids are natural-born citizens of the USA and are eligible for vaccination. These parents were motivated as schools were reopening and they wanted to ensure the safety of their children.