You Can Soon Travel To The Nagaland Capital On Train

by Shreya Ghosh
You Can Soon Travel To The Nagaland Capital On Train

The northeastern part of India holds magnificent beauty and a unique mesmerising charm. And now you can travel to these states as the travel mode is getting easier with developed modes of transportation. Railway connections, flights, and road connectivity are improving and it makes travelling much easier. And soon you will get to travel to the capital of Nagaland, Kohima on the train. The capital is getting connected with Dimapur by railways.

Travel To The Nagaland Capital On Train Soon

The Indian Railways is constructing a rail track of 83 km with a height of 51 metre. This rail track will pass 8 stations, 21 tunnels, and 22 rail bridges. This track is soon going to start from Dimapur and conclude near Kohima in Zubza. Indian railways are using advanced technology to build the Dimapur-Kohima rail project because the region is very much prone to earthquakes as it falls under seismic zone 5. It also has a very difficult terrain and hence a massive part of the track may have elevations. Also, the track might pass by tunnels. Among all the tunnels, the longest will be 6.5 km.

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This Rail Project Is A Massive One!

Dimapur-Kohima rail project is going to be a major project to promote tourism in Nagaland and also be an advantage for more than 2.5 million people. Train running on this Dimapur-Kohima rail track will run crossing 4 districts of Nagaland. This project falls under the Act East Policy of PM Narendra Modi. The project started in 2016 and is currently under construction and will take 3 phases to complete. The project of constructing this Dimapur-Kohima rail track will cost ₹6,648 crores. The time to travel to Kohima from Dimapur will decrease by the train services on this track.

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The progress report of the ongoing construction of the Dimapur-Kohima rail project is shared by the Indian railways recently. Phase 1 of the 16 km long track is complete. This track will soon initiate train services. It will take more time to finish phase 2 of the rail track of 27 km. It is expected to be built by the year 2023. Phase 3 will take years and be finished within 2026.