You Might Have To Bid Goodbye To Swiggy’s Dineout Soon And Here’s Why!

by Suchismita Pal
You Might Have To Bid Goodbye To Swiggy’s Dineout Soon And Here’s Why!

Booking Dineout coupons to enjoy huge discounts on restaurants? You might not be able to do that anymore. More than 500,000 restaurants have been asked by the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) to log out of Swiggy’s Dineout app. Industry experts have signalled that while the customers are enjoying the discounts, restaurants are failing to make enough profits.

In a meeting held on October 7, NRAI executives brought up the issue of how the high commissions charged by the app, in addition to the huge discounts offered to the customers, are toppling the dine-out business in the country. Thus, they have urged restaurants to log out of the Dineout app.

Restaurants Aren’t Making Enough Profits Due To Dineout Discounts

Swiggy had acquired Dineout in May 2022. However, the million-dollar acquisition of the food aggregator is now at stake. The townhall meeting included proprietors of renowned restaurant chains like Smoke House Deli, Wow Momos and Chaayos as speakers. The restaurants under Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality by Riyaaz Amlani have already logged out of Dineout. According to a Your Story report, Amlani has stated that the restaurants operated by him could grow immensely even after logging out of the platform.

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Earlier, Restauranters Had Launched A Logout Campaign Against Zomato Gold

This is not the first time restaurant owners and food aggregators got into a cold war. Earlier, Zomato had to discontinue its ‘Gold’ feature after strong protests by restaurant proprietors. They had launched a Logout Campaign against Zomato Gold and were finally successful in their movement. Reportedly, the food aggregator was charging exorbitant commissions from the restaurants and on the other hand, was providing additional discounts to customers. Thus the ‘Gold’ programme of Zomato was discontinued and its members were upgraded to Zomato Pro.

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Will Dineout also have a fate like Zomato Gold? What are your thoughts? Comment below and let us know!

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