You Snooze, You Win! Doctor Dreams’s Hi-Tech Sleeping Mattress Offers The Luxury Of Peaceful Sleep

by Sanjana Shenoy
You Snooze, You Win! Doctor Dreams’s Hi-Tech Sleeping Mattress Offers The Luxury Of Peaceful Sleep

The best luxury in life is very rightly peace of mind and stress-free sleep. But our fast-paced lives, have made it increasingly difficult to enjoy a good night’s sleep. In our Curly Tales video, we feature Doctor Dreams — the best sleep solution you could have ever asked for. Doctor Dreams has a new ECOAIR latex mattress which helps you get the best sleep with the help of advanced technology. The best part? You can use a Curly Tales Coupon Code to avail of a special discount. Let’s tell you all about it! 

Doctor Dreams Wishes You A Good Night’s Sleep With ECOAIR Latex Mattress

With your peaceful sleep and utmost comfort in mind, Doctor Dreams has curated the most sustainable mattresses for you. Their new ECOAIR latex mattress is no less than a dream during summer. This mattress comes with advanced Pinhole Technology that enables seamless airflow circulation through the mattress thanks to the 300+ pinholes for airflow. 

Moreover, the ECOAIR latex mattress lets you stay rooted to nature as it’s made of a special organic tencel fabric, derived from bamboo pulp. The sustainable mattress’ other pros are that it’s both anti-dust and anti-microbial. So, no dust and viruses can disturb your sleep and create havoc on your health. Also, its True Bounce and Support technology cradles your body in the right posture and regains its shape faster than foam mattresses. These latex mattresses come in 6” and 8” height variations. 

For Youngsters With Back Issues, Check Out Max ICEFOAM Orthopaedic Mattress

Doctor Dreams has something for every sleeper. For those youngsters who suffer from back problems due to long working hours and lifestyle issues, Doctor Dreams has got your back! Their Max ICEFOAM Orthopaedic Mattress is the perfect orthopaedic mattress for you as it has a CNC cut that permits body zoning. 

 Doctor Dreams
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With a special ice foam layer and unique trademarked cooling technology, this is an all-weather mattress. It stays very cool throughout the year, even in summer. Whereas other mattresses tend to get hot with long sleeping hours. The 3 layers of foam— Advanced cooling-gel foam, adjustable memory foam and superior pure PU— adjust as per your body, regulate the temperature and offer proper support. 

Max ICEFOAM Orthopaedic Mattress is the best mattresses offered by Doctor Dreams. Their signature tencel fabric gives sleepers a soft, cosy bed to lie on and a cooling sleeping experience, they’ll cherish. 

Sleep is a necessity and good sleep is a luxury. So, gift yourself the good sleep that your body is craving with a Doctor Dreams mattress. It comes with a 10 years warranty making this an essential, long-term investment. 

Don’t forget to use the Curly Tales Coupon Code, CT10 and avail of an extra 10% off on ICEFOAM & ECOAIR latex mattresses. Happy Sleeping! 

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