Zepto Charges ₹131 For 100 Gram Of Coriander Leaves, Blinkit Sells For ₹40; Netizens Are Furious

Now this was unexpected!

by Shreya Ghosh
Zepto Charges ₹131 For 100 Gram Of Coriander Leaves, Blinkit Sells For ₹40; Netizens Are Furious

Have your parents and grandparents ever scolded you for relying too much on online shopping platforms for vegetables? Many elders often dislike buying fruits and veggies from online apps for quality and higher prices. Well, they are not entirely wrong as many customers complained about receiving poor-quality products. This time, Zepto shocked everyone by charging ₹131 for only 100 grams of coriander leaves. Yes, it is the same dhaniya that our mothers often get for free or at a much lower price from nearby markets.

Viral X Post Highlights Zepto Selling Coriander Leaves For ₹131

Taking to X, Harsh Upadhyay (@upadhyay_harsh1) shared a screenshot of this leafy veggie listed on the quick commerce app.

According to the screenshot, it costs ₹131 to buy 100 grams of coriander leaves on Zepto. Surprisingly, the charge was mentioned with a discount of 22 per cent. Originally, the price was ₹169 without any offers. Besides this, there was a listing of Coriander Leaves Premium as well. 100 grams of premium type charged ₹141 including a discount of 21 per cent. According to a report by Moneycontrol, the exorbitant price of coriander leaves was reported in Gurgaon. In reality, it usually costs ₹10 to ₹15 for 100 grams of dhaniya.

Luffy (@luffyspeaking) replied to the X post and shared the price mentioned on Blinkit.

It is yet another quick-commerce platform and delivers orders to your doorstep at the earliest. Blinkit also charged quite a steep price for this kitchen staple, but surely not as high as Zepto. According to Luffy’s response, coriander leaves were sold for ₹40 on Blinkit.

We cannot even imagine shopkeepers and vegetable vendors asking for such high costs for dhaniya. Looks like we definitely need to continue shopping from them, at least for vegetables.

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Netizens Find It Hard To Believe

If no one showed us the screenshot, we might not have believed Zepto asking ₹131 and ₹141 for this herb. The viral X post has not just shocked us but also gave a reality check pointing out the vast differences between online platforms and local shops. Social media users are unhappy seeing quick delivery apps selling inexpensive products at an expensive cost.

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Zepto Released A Statement

Zepto Coriander Leaves
Picture credit- Canva

This incident took no time to grab everyone’s attention and make it to the headlines. However, there was a major reason behind the massive surge in prices. Releasing a statement, Zepto stated that “a system glitch caused significant pricing disparities” on the platform. This resulted in such strange price tags. The issue has been resolved.

Will you spend this amount to buy dhaniya?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva, X/ Harsh Upadhyay (@upadhyay_harsh1) 

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