“Zero Carb, All Protein” Netizens Crack Up At The Label Of “100g Sugar Packet With 99.85g Protein”

by Shreya Rathod
“Zero Carb, All Protein” Netizens Crack Up At The Label Of “100g Sugar Packet With 99.85g Protein”

According to food safety rules, every food package needs to have labels that describe their ingredients, FSSAI mark, licence, nutrition value, etc. In fact, it is crucial to have correct information as it is a matter of “Consumer Protection.” A video surfaced on X (formerly known as Twitter) that showed a glitch in the nutritional value of the sugar packet.

Watch: 100g Of Sugar Packet Contains 99.85g Protein!

Sugar is a crystalline carbohydrate that is sweet in taste and edible. In fact, it is a refined form of sucrose. To sweeten the flavour, it is frequently added to foods and beverages. Consuming sugar does not elevate the mood, but it can reduce attentiveness and heighten weariness within an hour of consumption. However, it should only be used in moderation as consuming too much might result in chronic health issues including diabetes and heart difficulties.

Recently, a user, @chiragbarjatyaa, shared a video on X of a sugar packet that was labelled with the wrong nutrition value. It featured a sugar packet with “Maharashtra Government” written on it. And the nutrition value read 99.85g protein for a 100g sugar packet! Further, the post was captioned as “God has come to Earth in person.”

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Well, don’t know about protein but sugar does contain 99.95 per cent sucrose. This wrong labelling had Netizens crack up after reading the label.

Netizens Cracked Up At The Error

After watching the video, Netizens were shocked at the nutritional value of sugar. One of the users wrote that this was the only thing that he needed. Another user asked what the sugar price was in the black market. A user tagged officials from the Maharashtra Chief Minister to the Deputy Chief Minister and stated that people need enhanced safety because such thoughtless labelling could be detrimental and cast a negative light on the state.

A user shared that he needed this sugar with no carbs and high protein. Another person asked if this product is available on Amazon. A user shared a gif that stated “There are different punishments for this crime.”

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Cover Image Courtesy: @chiragbarjatyaa/ X