10 Egg Dishes To Meet All Your Eggspectations!

by Nainisha Mehta
10 Egg Dishes To Meet All Your Eggspectations!

We could have given you a list of several egg puns, but that’ll just fry you up. Well, that was another rotten one. That’s un oeuf. Alright, let’s get cracking. Just like egg jokes, Mumbai will never run out of amazing places to try egg dishes at! We give you 10 joints where eggs always come before the chicken.

1. Kejriwal Toast at The Bombay Canteen, Lower Parel

Nothing can beat Chef Thomas Zacharia’s touch to this classic. Many restaurants have tried to get as close to it as they can, but The Bombay Canteen always tops the list. Why? Maybe it has something to do with so many contrasting elements on the dish. A round, in-house baked pao, topped with a creamy cheesy egg white, a runny magnificent yellow yolk in the centre garnished with the spicy coriander green chilli and coconut oil. A crispy bun and a creamy yolk, the halo-like sphere stands out beautifully from the mild green. This dish is not only a visual treat but due to its richness in quality and texture, it was also featured in New York Time’s best 10 dishes of 2016.

Price: ₹250
Address: Unit-1, Process House, Kamala Mills, Near Radio Mirchi Office, S.B. Road, Lower Parel

Kejriwal Toast at The Bombay Canteen.
Kejriwal Toast at The Bombay Canteen. Credit: The Bombay Canteen Instagram.

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2. Egg Roll at Hangla, Several Branches

Hangla has brought the tastes of Kolkata to the streets of Mumbai. With branches spread over the city, Hangla makes one fine egg roll. Head out to any outlet and the egg roll is the best seller. So what’s the secret? Pure simplicity. Fried egg, green chillies and onion strands stuffed inside a crisp paratha – Hangla knows how to use eggs the right way. Want to double up on flavour? Ask for the double egg roll.

Price: ₹75
Address: 36-A, Sai Flour Mill, St. John Baptist Road, Mount Mary, Bandstand, Bandra West. (9 other outlets)

Egg Roll
Egg Roll Stuffed with Onion Strands and Chillies. (Image used for representation purpose only). Credit: PeeknCook

3. Salli Par Edu at Jimmy Boy, Fort

Time stands still in South Bombay. It’s not only the heritage buildings but also the legendary Parsi cafes that have maintained the old world charm through their classic preparation style. Out of the many, the one that stands out is Jimmy Boy. It maybe due to its bright red and yellow name board or probably the best egg dish Mumbai has ever tasted. Two sunny side up eggs cooked perfectly to keep the yolks runny, layered over a bed of crisp potato strips (Salli) garnished with tomatoes, coriander, onions and chillies – Salli Par Edu is Parsi style food at its best.

Price: ₹180
Address: Vikas Building, 11 Bank Street, Off Horniman Circle, Lane opposite cheetah gate, Fort, Mumbai

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Salli Par Edu.
Salli Par Edu at the legendary Jimmy Boy.
Credit: Namrata Uchil

4. Poached Eggs on Whipped Yogurt at Café Zoe, Lower Parel

Cafe Zoe has become quite a hit when it comes to brunching and drunching in Mumbai. The Lower Parel café is also a regular breakfast joint for its patrons. What to call for when you find yourself at this swanky joint in the early hours of morning? Their poached eggs on whipped yoghurt. Poached eggs can be tricky, but Zoe knows how to bring about the right balance between a hard crust and a creamy yolk. And they lay out this perfection on a layer of yoghurt giving it a smooth texture. The paprika and chilli butter add the zesty flavours to the dish, whereas the rye bread serves as a good base and completes the dish with wholesomeness.

Price: ₹300
Address: Mathuradas Mills Compound, NM Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Poached Eggs over Whipped Yogurt
Cafe Zoe’s healthy plate of poached eggs over whipped yougurt. Credit: Hungryforever.

5. Irani Wrestler’s Omelette at Koolar & Co, Matunga

While South Bombay can pride itself on housing the most number of Iranian Cafes, let’s not forget there are few others spewed over the city as well. One of them being in the central suburbs of Mumbai – Matunga. Koolar & Co, an 87-year-old Parsi café serves something that its counterparts can’t show off – an Iranian Wrestler’s Omelette. Statutory Warning: It’s not for the weak. Made with five eggs, freshly chopped onions, coriander, green chillies and loads of butter – this omelette is a staple for the wrestlers of Iran. Well, now we know what gets them all those medals. If you’re up for the challenge, head to Koolar & Co. where this ultimate omelette awaits you. You’ll have to be patient though, it takes around 20 minutes to cook.

Price: ₹300
Address: 541, Noor Mahal, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Adenwada Road, Matunga East, Mumbai

Iranian Wrestler's Omelette at Koolar & Co.
Iranian Wrestler’s Omelette at Koolar & Co. Source: Zomato.

6. The Giant Jamjar Popeye at Jamjar Diner, Bandra & Andheri

Savory waffles are rare and finding the right place to relish in them is rarer. But the mint-y Jamjar Diner with its quirky setting and a European café vibe serves a delicious breakfast dish where the eggs are the star with the waffles in a supporting role. Aptly named The Giant Jamjar Popeye, the eggs are Florentine style and thus have loads of spinach content. Seasoned creamy spinach, cheddar waffle and the tangy-spicy jalapenos make for the most palatable poached eggs waffle dish.

Price: ₹320
Address: 7A & B, Arram Nagar 2, Behind Washing Bay, Yari Road, Versova, Andheri West. (One outlet in Bandra)

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The Giant Popeye at Jamjar Diner.
Savoury Waffles with Eggs Florentine at Jamjar Diner. Credit: Jamjar Diner Instagram.

7. Assorted Greens Omelette at Salt Water Café, Bandra

One can find a complete breakfast dish for one can be at Salt Water Café that masters in European cuisine. The Assorted Greens Omelette is what every health-freak craves for. Served with rosti, roasted tomatoes, choice of toast, and butter, the omelette consists of basil, dill, coriander, arugula, spinach and kale. That’s one green twist to your classic omelette.

Price: ₹250
Address: 87 Chapel Road, Next to Mount Carmel Church, Reclamation, Bandra West. (One outlet in Churchgate)

Wholesome Breakfast at Salt Water Cafe.
Wholesome breakfast with yummy eggs at Salt Water Cafe. Credit: Salt Water Cafe Instagram.

8. Baida Roti at Ayub’s, Town

Looking for anything that will fill up their stomachs or bring them back to their senses, some boozy, some hungry knock the doors of Ayub’s. And oh, he answers. Deemed as a late-night go-to place, Ayub’s is where you find a complete meal wrapped up in a roll. The best one being the Baida Roti. A simple egg roll served with a spicy green and red chutney will definitely answer all your prayers. Eggs, Mumbai-street style can never disappoint. Let the short-list of ingredients not fool you, this one right here is a complete package. You can also opt for the Chicken Baida Roti.

Price: ₹120
Address: 43, Dr VB Gandhi Marg, Fort, Mumbai

Satiate Midnight Cravings at Ayub’s. Source: Justdial

9. Akuri at Kyani & Co, Town

Mumbai loves Iranian cafes and the cafes love the classic akuri. A unique preparation style of making scrambled eggs, the Parsis have mastered the skill. No better place than the iconic Kyani and Co to try Akuri. The Parsi version consists of scrambling the eggs with onions, tomatoes, red chilli powder, green chillies and garnishing it with coriander. Served on a toasted bread, these scrambled eggs go well with a hot cup of Iranian chai.

Price: ₹35, ₹45 for Akuri on Toast with extra butter.
Address: JSS Road, Jer Mahal Estate, Opposite Metro Cinema, Marine Lines, Mumbai

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Scrambled Eggs at Kyani & Co.
Parsi Version of Scrambled Eggs at Kyani & Co. Credit: BiteJunket.

10. Omelette Pav, Churchgate Station

When office goers stay long nights and party animals are about to take the last train – they make sure to fill in their tummies with some sumptuous food. And where do they find it? Behind a bus-stop outside the Churchgate station. Yes, it’s unlikely. But we’re well acquainted with the fact that Mumbai loves its street food. What better than Vijay’s stall outside Churchgate to satiate your cravings? A spicy omelette cooked with chopped onions, a pinch of salt, chilli powder, and some garam masala served with Mumbai’s favourite pav fried in a little bit of masala makes for a great mid-night snack.

Price: ₹35 for a two-egg omelette.

Address: Behind the bus stop outside the main entrance of Churchgate station.

Omelette Pav outside Churchgate Station.
Omelette Pav outside Churchgate Station. Credit: Hungryforever.

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