10 Signs You Are Too Used To Living In Dubai

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
10 Signs You Are Too Used To Living In Dubai

Bored of all things starry and glittery? Have laser shows, summer sales and ice restaurants lost their place on your bucket list? Well, we’re sorry to say, you’re taking Dubai for granted. But, fret not- it happens!

Here are 10 signs you’re too used to living in Dubai. Now, we’re not sure if this is a good sign or a one you need to be warned of!

1. Come Food Hour, Come Zomato

Be it planning your weekend dinner outing or ordering the lunch in, those hunger pangs instantly make you open Zomato. Damn those cities where Zomato doesn’t have restaurant listings as extensively.

2. Metro Is Now Part Of Your Routine

When you venture out of Dubai, you miss the ease of mobility and hopping onto the metro to reach your destination. And even when you do enter a metro elsewhere, your ears ring in “Al abwaab ul mughluq, doors closing.” Are we right, or are we RIGHT?

3. You Miss The extensive Choice Of Radio Stations On Offer

Ask anyone who’s moved towards the West from Dubai and you’ll know what we’re referring to. No other diaspora has such choice of desi music (thanks to the expat population), and we bet you won’t get your morning dose of desi radio anywhere else like in Dubai.

Credits: Unsplash.com

4. Spotting A Celeb At Dubai Mall Doesn’t Faze You Anymore

Celebrities walking around in Dubai Mall doesn’t excite you as much as it did before because yaaa, who hasn’t yet!

5. Summers Don’t Bother You Much Anymore

Summers don’t scare you anymore! After all, the you’ve learned the tricks to beat the heat and cool off. And, of course Dubai has much more than the scorching heat during summer. Who wouldn’t wait for Dubai’s summer deals. From malls to restaurants and theme parks, Dubai celebrates summer in its own way, leaving very little (but for the temperature) to crib about.

Credits: Unsplash.com

6. Luxury Cars Parading Around Doesn’t Amuse You Anymore

Be it JBR or Sheikh Zayed Road; there is always a Lambo or a Ferrari whisking away. And, for all you know, you might have one in your own parking lot! Such is the Dubai life that it doesn’t make go awestruck anymore.

Credits: Unsplash.com

7. You Know The Right Place For Each Of The Foods

Be it Mandi, biryani, shawarma, or ice creams, you know where to find the perfect dish. And you might have a 2nd and 3rd best restaurant in your list too.

Credits: BaitAlMandi.com

8. Nothing Fancy About The Burj Khalifa (Unfortunately)

With years of visiting Dubai mall, the novelty around Burj Khalifa has waned, and you don’t get the same excitement anymore. In fact, you try your best to avoid it even when you have visitors touring the city.

9. You Compare Every Fountain Show With The One In Dubai Mall

Chances are you have seen the fountain show on every single song that it is choreographed to. Yet, you are mesmerized each time you see it and can’t help but compare all other fountain shows to it.


10. Tallest, Biggest, Craziest Are Now A Routine Announcement

It’s an every week announcement now when you hear the World’s largest or World first something project is conceived. So you just shrug off knowing you will visit it when it eventually opens up.

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