10 Things Only People Who Grew Up In Dubai You Will Relate To

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by Dhruv Maniar

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Being born and raised in Dubai and so-called the “Dubai kid” by my friends, I am always asked what it feels like to grow up in Dubai. So here are top 10 things that every Dubai kid like me will relate to :P 

1.Magic Planet At Deira City Centre

The old magic planet that use to be in DCC cannot be compared to any new age gaming centre. From the indoor train to the huge playhouse that had a 90-degree slide, Magic Planet at Deira City Centre was every kid’s wonderland.

2.Oman Chips In Everything 

Okay, this one is probably not only for Dubai kids but for every kid who grew up in the Middle East. Oman Chips sandwich used to be the best snack ever. You are so obsessed with Oman chips that you end them putting them in everything, sandwiches, egg rolls, Shawarma etc. You still miss the old Oman chips sandwich that was made in those small cafeterias. 

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3.Unikai Strawberry Milk

You probably miss this one the most. The best strawberry milk which till today is incomparable. The Unikai strawberry milk used to come in cardboard boxes and I am yet to find anything similar that I would give a 10 on 10.

4. Shawarma Is Bae

Shawarma is your staple food and you can’t go by a week without it. All-day everyday shawarma, shawarma, shawarma!! And if you find shawarma without any tahini you really get annoyed. 

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5. Dubai Is A City 

So you are from Dubai? How is Dubai as a country? Wait, isn’t Dubai the capital of the country? You often get people asking you these questions right? And by now you are almost tired of explaining that Dubai is just a city in UAE and isn’t the capital. 

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6. Fireworks Don’t Impress You Much 

Dubai never misses a chance to showcase the best of fireworks, let it be Eid, festivals or new years. You don’t get impressed very soon when you see fireworks in different places because you have seen the tallest building in the world light up to give you a firework experience of a lifetime or a domino effect that runs through the country. 

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7. Open 24 Hours 

You are so used to the lifestyle of 24-hour grocery stores around or 24-hour fast food joints open that when you travel and see a grocery store or shopping mall close at 7:00 pm, it leaves you dumbfounded.

8. You Carry A Small Sweater Even In Summers 

You know the struggle is real with high temperatures outside and super cold temperatures inside malls, offices, or restaurants. You always carry a light sweater or cardigan with you. 

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9. Al Nasr Leisureland Was Your Disney Land 

This was your only place in Dubai to have fun. From ice skating to bowling, indoor video games to attractions, this was your very own Disney land in the country. Al Nasr Leisureland used to be your one-stop area to have fun with your friends. 

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10. You Love Winters 

You know winters are the best months to enjoy the most that Dubai has to offer. As the winter season kicks in you start planning your weekends well in advance. From family gatherings and fun at Safa park or just chilling at the beach by making some sand castles and bbq. 

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