10 Words To Know Before Travelling To Spain

by Tooba Shaikh
10 Words To Know Before Travelling To Spain

Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You only have to watch Zoya Akhtar’s superhit movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and you’ll have proof of the previous statement. If you have plans to visit this marvellous country soon and want to learn the local language, or if you’re just fond of new languages and unknown words, here are 10 Spanish words you should definitely add to your vocabulary.

1. Por Favor

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Please and thank you are known as magic words. And since it is almost universally known that ‘thank you’ in Spanish is ‘Gracias,’ we thought we’d cover the other half of the basics. Por Favor in Spanish means ‘please’. Of course, we wouldn’t wanna be impolite to the locals so using these magic words as much as possible will be the best.

2. Mucho

Mucho means ‘much’ or ‘many.’ Adding this article before ‘thank you,’ i.e. muchas gracias will mean ‘many thanks’ or ‘thank you very much.’ After all, you can never be too polite or too nice. It will help you seem nicer to the locals.

3. Feliz

Feliz, in Spanish, means ‘happy.’ I mean, if you’re in a country as beautiful as Spain, it is obvious that you’re going to feel Feliz all the time you’re there! Might as well know the local term for the feeling. The word also features in popular phrases like Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas) and Feliz Viaje (Happy Journey).

4. Bueno

Bueno is another common Spanish word. It literally means ‘good.’ There is also a very tasty candy bar by this name which is aptly named because it is soo good! Combine this with number 2 and you have ‘very good!’

5. Dias

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Pronounced like the Hindi word ‘dia’ which means a tiny oil lamp, Dias in Spanish means ‘days.’ You can use this word when communicating to the locals about how long your stay will be. You can also club it with the previous word (Buenos Dias) and you’ll be having a ‘Good morning.’

6. Noches

You must have guessed it. You can’t have the days without the nights. Noches in Spanish means ‘nights.’ Combine this word with number 4, (Buenos Noches) to wish everyone a very ‘Good night.’

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7. Lo Siento

The lesser appreciated and perhaps, even lesser used of the magic words, Lo Siento in Spanish means ‘Sorry’. You never know what will happen on the trip, knowing this disarming phrase is always a good thing.

8. Y

This single-letter word is pronounced like the letter इ of the Devnagri script. It means ‘and’ and is a conjunction. You can always use Y to punctuate your sentences to delude yourself (and maybe others) into thinking you know a lot of Spanish.

9. También

También in Spanish means ‘too.’ It will be a useful addition to your Spanish lexicon and will help you feel the Spanish spirit when visiting the country.

10. Tu/Tú

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The accent on top of u makes a difference in the meaning. A simple tu means ‘your’ whereas tú means you. This tiny detail is important to keep in mind when communicating. Combine Tú with the previous word (Tú También) and you have “You too.” A perfect response if someone wishes you for anything.

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