100% E-Learning In Sharjah Schools For First 2 Weeks

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
100% E-Learning In Sharjah Schools For First 2 Weeks

Dubai schools are all set to reopen for the next academic year. In fact, teachers have already resumed work. In a recent tweet from KHDA, teachers shared their experience of the first day in school. Students who have opted for campus learning will resume classes from 30 August.

However, students in the emirate of Sharjah will not resume school. Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) recently announced 100% e-learning for students for the first two weeks. Students from all schools in Sharjah will have 100% e-learning until 10 September. This decision comes in the interest of the safety of students and the educational staff, guaranteeing the success of the new academic year.

The authority tweeted: “The situation is being continuously monitored and we will keep sharing the updates.” Meanwhile, educators in the emirate have also welcomed the decisions, saying it will give them more time to ensure all students test negative for Covid-19.

KHDA in a recent circular said that face-to-face learning is the preferred model of education. However, the education authority also understands that parents have different views, especially in the first phases of re-opening. In order to bridge the gap, KHDA announced that schools can and should provide 100% distance learning to parents who request it. Dubai Schools Reopen In September: Are Parents Ready To Send Their Kids Back To School?

Dubai Students Don’t Need A PCR Test

Private schools in Dubai are set to reopen on 30 August. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) clarified that Dubai’s private schools will not need a Covid-19 test before they return to classrooms. An official notice sent to schools read:

“As we look forward to many students returning to school next week, we would like to confirm that Covid-19 PCR testing is not mandatory for students.”

However, on the other hand KHDA made it mandatory for all school staff to carry out a Covid-19 PCR test prior to school re-opening for the new academic year/term. Staff who have recently carried out the test and have a copy of the result need not undergo a re-test. In case the test was made mandatory, as many as 295,000 children in Dubai’s private schools would have had to undergo the test. On another note, here are the other protocols for Dubai students. 

Abu Dhabi Students Over 12 Years Must Undergo PCR Test

In Abu Dhabi, all students over 12 years of age must undergo PCR test. Schools in the emirate have announced a staggered start, with students between 4 and 11 years returning to classrooms from August 30. Classes will resume for those in kindergarten to Grade 5 under the US system, and for FS2 (Reception) to Year 6 under the British one. Students in other classes with start face-to-face lessons four weeks later. Daily temperature checks will be done for all staff and students.