Dubai Teachers Share Feedback After First Day At School

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai Teachers Share Feedback After First Day At School

Dubai schools are all set to reopen for the next academic year. However, teachers are already in school, prepping for the new term, after a six month long hiatus. Following the first day of school for teachers, KHDA thanked them for their work and dedication. KHDA took to Twitter and asked teachers- How was your day? How did it feel?’

Firstly, the question was very practical and addressed the emotional concerns of the teachers. Coming back to school after six months, in a scenario that’s totally new can be daunting. However, most of the teachers sounded optimistic about the year ahead. A few of them did sound cautious, although that is extremely understandable. Here’s what teachers had to say about their first day back in school:

A few of them were happy to catch up with their colleagues and being back also gave them a feeling that things are coming back to normal.

A few others, expressed that although they were happy to be back in school, they were worried about the risk they were putting themselves into.

On the other hand, some of them also requested KHDA to also consider teachers’ well-being. Questions were also thrown on why teachers were not given the option to pick between blended learning or complete online classes. With Covid-19 cases on the rise in the UAE, teachers expressed concerns about their well being.

Precautions And Guidelines For Dubai Schools

Students in Dubai can return to school for the next academic year. However, Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), has also allowed to schools to provide 100% online learning for parents who are not comfortable sending their kids to school. This will however only be a ‘temporary measure’.

KHDA in a recent circular said that face-to-face learning is the preferred model of education. However, the education authority also understands that parents have different views, especially in the first phases of re-opening. In order to bridge the gap, KHDA announced that schools can and should provide 100% distance learning to parents who request it. Dubai Schools Reopen In September: Are Parents Ready To Send Their Kids Back To School?

Protocols For Reopening Of Private Schools In Dubai

1. A health and safety designated staff should be identified and assigned to handle any emergency situation, follow up and monitor the implementation of health and safety procedures, and conduct all necessary trainings for students and staff. This person is also responsible for the designated isolation room within the school premises. On another note, here’s how Restaurants Around The World Are Getting Social Distancing Right.

2. If a stable case of illness is detected amongst visitors or staff presenting COVID-19 symptoms, DHA hotline number 800342 should be contacted immediately.

3. In case a child/teacher/staff begins to show symptoms of COVID-19 while at school, they must get isolated instantly, and the parent/ guardian of the child to be notified immediately and the patient should be referred to the hospital to take the necessary action. If the result is negative and there is a clinical assessment of a probable COVID-19 case, the patient should complete a 14-day quarantine. If the result is negative and there is no clinical assessment for a probable case, the child can resume schooling so long as they are symptom-free. Meanwhile, check out how UAE Salons Use Unique ‘Box’ Technique To Ensure Hygiene. 

4. If the result is positive, the traced contacts of the patient, including teachers along with the classmates of a student, or colleagues are all considered close contacts (Anyone who spent more than 15 minutes in a proximity of 2 metres with the positive case, from the day of symptoms onset, or the day of the positive PCR test). They should all commence the 14-day quarantine counted PCR from the day of the positive test, or from the day of the onset of symptoms if ascertained by the clinician.

5. Measures for disinfection should be taken as per the guidelines, for the classroom and the school premises used by the child as traced, and the holding isolation room where the staff and students will wait for their transportation.

KHDA released a total of 118 guidelines. Find the detailed list here.