Alarming! 12 Indian Cities Including Mumbai & Kochi Might Go 3 Feet Underwater Due To Climate Change

by Tania Tarafdar
Alarming! 12 Indian Cities Including Mumbai & Kochi Might Go 3 Feet Underwater Due To Climate Change

Climatic change is real and it is high time we pull up our socks. If you have not been global warming seriously, you will surely do this by reading this report. A new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has given dire warnings for India. And while India is already facing changes in weather patterns and environmental factors, the rising sea levels might submerge 12 cities in the country by the end of this century. 

Mumbai, Kochi & Vishakhapatnam Are At Risk

According to the report, the cities might go three feet underwater by 2100. Major Indian cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, and Visakhapatnam are on the list. They have used NASA’s report to understand the changes in sea levels across the world. About 12 Indian cities will bear the brunt of climate change and rising sea levels if we do not take global warming seriously and if the situation does not come under control.

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The Coastal Cities Of India Are The Most Vulnerable

The report indicates that extreme changes in sea levels were previously seen once in 100 years, but now it could happen every six to nine years by 2050. The rising sea levels will contribute to flooding in low-lying areas and coastal erosion with extreme sea-level events. According to estimates made between 2006 and 2018, the global average sea level is rising at a rate of around 3.7 millimetress per year.

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12 Indian Coastal Cities Are Likely To Get Submerged Under Water

As per the new report, if the trends of climatic change continue by the end, these Indian cities will be under water by the end of the century.

  1. Kandla: 1.87 feet
  2. Okha: 1.96 feet
  3. Bhaunagar: 2.70 feet
  4. Mumbai: 1.90 feet
  5. Mormugao: 2.06 feet
  6. Mangalore: 1.87 feet
  7. Cochin: 2.32 feet
  8. Paradip: 1.93 feet
  9. Khidirpur: 0.49 feet
  10. Visakhapatnam: 1.77 feet
  11. Chennai: 1.87 feet
  12. Tuticorin: 1.9 feet

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The melting glaciers in the Himalayas will affect over a billion people. An earlier report by IIT Indore on the glacial hydrology of rivers in the Himalayan Karakoram region concluded that glaciers and snowmelts are the major contributors to flood in the Himalayan regions.