15 Whacky Pick-up Lines To Impress Your Foodie Girlfriend

by Kritika Kukreja
15 Whacky Pick-up Lines To Impress Your Foodie Girlfriend

What happens when you end up dating a foodie? Most of your conversations during dates involve food. She wouldn’t miss an opportunity to try out the newest restaurants in town. She wouldn’t let you live without picking up the fries from your plate even though she’s on a diet. And she’ll probably end up quitting the diet the moment anybody mentions food with her.

Can you relate to this? Then your girlfriend is a foodie, my friend. And we’ve got the perfect lines to impress her on your next date. The kinda lines that would make her smile from cheek to cheek knowing that you went through the trouble of finding out these lines for her.

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1. If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple


2. I’m just like a dumpling. I have fillings for you


3. I just want to take you out to brunch and shower you with quiches


4. You’re like my drug — when I’m with you, I feel Absinthe-minded


5. Donut take this the wrong way, but I just want to sprinkle you with sugar and spice


6. I think we’ll make an awesome pear

7. Salami get this straight, you’ve stolen my heart


8. I find you really a-peeling


9. Let’s Taco about love


10. Do you wanna Ketchup over beer?

11. I want you. I knead you.

12. Do you wanna be my butter half?

13. Love me till ice cream

14. Lettuce go on a long drive

15. You leave me Wonton more

So here we have it! We’ve listed these few pick-up that might work just fine on yo girl! Which one would you like to try out first?


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